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Crushed It In The Home Gym Today

The actually lifting today felt and went great. Even when I bitch about a day being tough, I’m exaggerating for the most part. Today was not a day that went like that at all. Everything felt great. Even the lifts that I expected to be tougher really didn’t feel it at all.

The front squats at the beginning are where I expected it would be the toughest today. I’ve failed the 230 pounds in the past, but today I did my three sets of five at the 230 with no issues at all. I could even go so far as to think they felt good and relativity easy, given they’re on the heavy end for me. It’s actually the first time I have completed the sets at this weight, so I guess in a way it’s a PR.

The strict presses were nothing special at all. The 102 pounds that I lifted with these was on the light side for me, so I worked my way quickly through them and completed five sets of five instead of the programmed three sets.

The power cleans were also on the light side at 155 pounds, so I got through these with no issues at all. Although my timing felt a little off, I had no misses or difficulties with them.

After I recovered a while, I warmed up again to tackle this week’s twenty rep squats. I kind of debated back and forth in my head whether I wanted to attempt them today after doing the 230 pound front squats. I’m having a great day and feel recovered enough, so I figured I could give it a try at least. Worst-case scenario is I fail and try again later in the week.

I got under the first warm up set at 145 pounds, and they felt great. I was moving really well. The next warm up set at 195 felt even better.

Finally, I got to my working set at 230 pounds. The bar felt somewhat heavy on my back, but the squats themselves felt great. All of them felt fast and consistently explosive with no and rep mixed in. The video made the squats look even better than they felt to me. I was very upright with nice and deep back squats to go along with it. Not that I have much of a problem with either, but they looked much better than normal today. They looked consistent from the first rep all the way until the twentieth.

Judging by the way today’s twenty rep squats felt to me, I am pretty convinced that I should be able to easily surpass the 240 pounds from last time around. Of course, that will depend on how I feel that day and how my mental game is when I get to that point. The heavier the weight is, the more mental doubts I give myself and tend not to finish even though I know I physically am able to. The same goes for heavy singles.

It was a great day for moving heavy weight. No air conditioner or fan needed today with the low humidity and temperature in the mid-seventies. I just had to enjoy the nice breeze blowing through the open door! I am eagerly awaiting the fall to do this stuff. By then the tree should be gone, so I can go unwind in the sun on the patio afterwards.

After I put my shit a way, I stretched out in bed a bit and went on my tablet. Again, with the wonderful breeze blowing through the windows and across the bed, I wound up taking a short nap. I don’t know if I actually slept or just zoned out, but what I do know is it felt outstanding, and I felt somewhat refreshed afterwards.

Music for the strength was Reverend Bizarre.