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Tired But My Lifts All Felt Good This Morning

As things have been going I was feeling really tired this morning. I had Very poor sleep on Thursday night and very little of it and then we went to Joy’s last night so the alcohol made me have poor sleep although it was much longer but not enough.

I drank my coffee and we headed off to the grocery store around 7:30 ti get that done with. We both hate grocery shopping, mainly because of the other people

After we got home I ate my doughnut and then got changed and ready to head out into the garage gym to get started. The squats were up first ant a pretty heavy 235 for three sets of five. They felt heavy on my back for sure but the actual back squats themselves felt pretty good. I easily did my three sets of five and considered adding more sets but with how tired I am feeling I pushed that idea aside for today. The only issue I had is the last set when the plates on my right side bumped the J cup on the way up. I was twisted just enough when I stepped out that when the plates went a little forward it bumped into that jcup. I just stood there for a second and gathered my focus back and finished out the set with no other issues.

Next up I did the strict presses for three sets of ten at 110 pounds. The thing that made these feel more interesting to me today was the fact that my shoulders feel fried from yesterday’s WOD with the 100 deficit push ups and strict pull ups in it. I guess that just put an extra stretch in my pecs. It doesn’t hurt or anything but just felt tighter with the presses. I did them no problem and other than that they felt good and Molly said they looked great.

My last lifts of the day were my three sets of five power cleans. These felt really great and I easily got through my five sets at the 160 pounds. My only minor issue that I had was the last set i smut have been just slightly off center on the bar so I had to abort one rep during the first pull and regrip it. Other than that they felt really good today.

After that I attempted this week’s vault WOD which was going to be pretty heavily shoulder intensive with rowing, snatches and pull ups and I felt it in my shoulder the first pull up rep so I figured I’d wait until at least tomorrow to do it. It was just that sort of tight feeling which tells me I just need a day to recover from yesterday’s shoulder intensive WOD. Honestly if it wasn’t a vault WOD I would just pass on this particular WOD and pick one of the thousands of other to choose from and get something out of it.

Music today was Kamelot