Improvements Don't Always Have Numbers

A few year ago for my birthday burpees I scaled them up to burpee pull ups. That was more less because in my 40s I could do something I couldn’t do as a teenager. As a teen I couldn’t do pull ups. I didn’t try often but when I tried I just couldn’t do them.

Well I got through those burpee pull ups and the first 30 weren’t bad at all but then they started killing me. It took everything I had in me I think to get through them. I did but it was an extremely unpleasant feeling. It had taken so much out of me I skipped the actual WOD in the gym that day and just vegetated on the chair to recover.

Today’s WOD was 5 minutes of burpee pull ups then rest 3 minutes and then do 5 more minutes of them. I paced them slower than I should have and got 46 the first round and 37 the second round. My hands were starting to feel a little raw so I changed my grip up a bit and it slowed me down since I didn’t have as good of a grip on the bar.

I was thrilled that I got through them and felt fine with constant movement. There were no breaks other than to grab chalk once or twice. It was a far cry from the hellish feeling I had the day I did them for my birthday. That to me is a clear example of an improvement that won’t show up on any whiteboard score. There’s no denying I love PRs and numbers on the board but that’s not the only part of the picture and probably not the most important part in the grand scheme of things.

Moving better, faster and with better mechanics is the most important thing to me. Really the reason I do this in the first place is to be healthier, better and stronger. Feeling better doing the same or similar movements that made you feel absolutely miserable in the past can’t possibly be a bad thing.

An hour or two after doing that, had to eat my sandwich and finish my dunkin donuts coffee, we did this weeks sandbag WOD. That was run 200 meters, 15 sandbag bent row/slams and 10 sandbag situps. The only thing more fucking stupid that situps is weighted situps but that’s another post. I just did unweighted ones. The runs were all un broken. Well everything was no rest, maybe slowed down a bit but didn’t stop.

In the past I would always find my self “needing” a drink of water, but the past month or two that hasn’t been happening at all. I have no doubt in my mind that need will come back to a point when it gets hot and humid again but that will be a need.