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Great Day Lifting And Did Ok On A WOD

Even though it was extremely humid last night, the heavy thunderstorms cooled it off nicely, so we could get a nice walk in before bed. That helped the air conditioner cool off the bedroom faster. That led to me having a good night’s sleep. I woke up a bout 5:00 AM and started drinking my coffee. When I was done about 7:45 AM, I headed off toe the garage to get my lifts in.

I started off this morning in the home gym with my back squats. I had to do a moderate two hundred and thirty-five pounds for my squats. The five sets of five actually felt good. They felt lighter than this weight normally dos, and although I took my time resting between the sets due to being so run down with the heat and humidity, I felt good getting through them. I was moving really well with them, and they all felt super explosive.

Next up I had the fairly light strict presses at one hundred and seven pounds. They felt good to me. I thought it might have been more difficult since my wrest seems to be flaring up a bit, but it didn’t give me any problems at all. I worked through my five sets of five of the shoulder presses pretty quickly.

My last lifts of the day were the power cleans at a hundred and fifty pounds for five sets of three. The power cleans were a light weight for me, but it felt heavier than it should have the first set, at least. After that, they felt much better, and I felt like I started moving really well with them. Maybe I was just a little rusty or something.

I ate something and drank my protein then just relaxed for a while catching up on hacker news and some fitness related stuff. Of course, I looked at funny shit too.

I decided to give today’s programmed WOD a shot around noon. It started off with sixty box jumps, which I scaled to step-ups because that many box jumps would be dumb for one thing and I don’t have the room to fail. I also used the twenty-inch side of the box with our lower ceiling. They went pretty well given how they’re visually tough for me and tend to be a slower process with having to get situated for each rep. Safety first always!

After that it was one hundred and twenty air squats. They went okay for me. Slower than normal but I paced them in a a way that I just plugged away at them.

Finally, I had to do sixty push jerks with the forty pound dumbbells. Until recently, I wouldn’t have considered going with this weight for such high reps with the dumbbells, but I have been pushing the heavier weight’s in WODs recently and knew I could do it. I was thinking I would break them into sets of thirty, twenty and then ten but that didn’t work tout today. For some reason after I got the first fifteen done they were bugging me knee slightly on the rerack. As a precaution, I kept them to small sets and plugged away at them and still finished it within the goal time. I’ll take it.

Music for today was A Pale Horse Named Death.