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Nice 4th Of July In The Garage Gym

This weather today is as close to the perfect summer day as you can ever get. It’d warm but not really humid with a decent breeze. The morning was sunny, but there are some cumulus clouds forming now. The temperature is only in the upper 70s!

It being the fourth of July, I hope many people are outside enjoying it. Sadly, the girlfriend is working, so we’re not doing anything at all.

I did get my ass in gear this morning and get into the garage gym for my strength program this morning. That went pretty well. I’m not feeling tired as shit like I have for the past week or so, that was a good thing.

I started off my lifting session with the front squats. These were for three sets of five at 200 pounds. They felt great, although my back is feeling a little tiny bit tight today, so I didn’t do any extra sets even though I felt I easily could have done them. It doesn’t hurt. It’s just a little angry from yesterday’s devil presses, I’m certain. The squats looked great and felt great today, and I worked through my three sets with minimal rest.

Next I did my strict presses. I had to do three sets of five of them today at 120 pounds. That’s a pretty heavy weight for me, so I was surprised how good the shoulder presses went. They were smooth and fast reps without me really losing position like I tend to allow to happen to me sometimes when it gets up there in weight. Often times this weight is where it starts feeling more difficult for me to lift it but they all felt relatively easy today.

Finally, I did my deadlifts today to wrap up my lifting session. They felt pretty decent for the five reps that I did. I lifted 265 pounds, and they all felt fairly fast and smooth. I didn’t need to use it, but I used my belt for these deadlifts. I find it’s a great tool to help me feel if my back is giving at all.

We ate our supper out on the patio with a nice sunny evening with temperatures in the low 80s. I didn’t seem to have any of those little fling bastards known as mosquitoes on me today. We got some lemon grass and lavender plants after reading that my deter them. Even if it doesn’t work, they smell good but, knock on wood, I haven’t gotten bitten since we got them. Last week it was too hot to hang out on the patio, so I can’t judge it based on two days out there.

Music for the lifting was Salem.