Fitness and everything else

Another Busy Day In The Garage Today

I woke up feeling pretty good. I slept great. Our nice long walk last evening with the coolish fall like air just really had me relaxed last night.

I am still feeling like my legs are pretty run down today so I lowered my front squat weights before I started. I knew that 230 pounds was going to be challenging even if I felt good but I am just feeling run down. I did five sets of five of my front squats at a light 195 pounds. They felt great.

Next up was the strict press at a fairly light still 105 pounds. They felt great today. I have to admit I was a little bit concerned after the way the bench press felt last time but today My arm wasn’t feeling weak. They felt pretty easy and I quickly worked my way though my five sets of five this morning.

After the strict press I moved on to my power cleans. These too felt great today but they were only 155 pounds. I easily worked through the five sets of three of them with no issues or misses. They felt nice and explosive today.

I relaxed a little while and ate something. After a couple of hours I decided to attempt the Endurance WOD of the week from Street Parking. It’s just a simple 5k or 10k row. No fancy rest, fast, slow, complications.

I opted for the ten thousand meters option or at least that was what I was hoping to accomplish when I started. It turned out I got through the 10k pretty easily today.

Last time my hands were really feeling blistery and I expected that to happen today with the oily, sticky rower handle and it being warmer. I ordered a new handle from Concept2 but I didn’t want to wait for it. We didn’t want to risk ruining it with cleaners before we had a replacement. It’s a combination of my sweat, Molly’s chalk and who knows what else has built up.

I did okay at the 10k today. I felt good and it felt great to get a nice long steady row in. I completed it at a slow 49:23. In hind sight I should have gone harder from the beginning but I didn’t know where I was then and didn’t want to burn myself out or bitch up my hands too much. I’ll have to make time to get more long rows in as it cools off.

Music for my strength and row was Archspire

When Molly got home we did our bro session together. While the bro shit is the lowest on my priority list of what I want to do in the garage I do enjoy doing it with her and have missed it while her shoulder was acting up. I kept the bench light today at the 35 pounds along with the shoulder presses and skull crushers. I also used the 35s for the curls but I wouldn’t call that light. I stopped being too lazy to get out heavier dumbbells and used the 55s for shrugs. I certainly could use the 75s for those but I don’t want to jump up in weight too quickly. Besides the 75s are the heaviest dumbbells we have.

The music for the bro shit was the new Jinjer CD.