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Warm And Humid For It But I Crushed My Strength

Last night it was warm enough that we should have probably put the air in the window and had it on. The fan made it tolerable, but the distant thunderstorms up in Lebanon and Dauphin County really only seemed to push the humidity up a bit. This morning it was very humid and warm. I would have no doubt slept better if the air was on last night.

I waited a bit for the temperature to get further away from the dew point and turned the air on the garage. The air didn’t really seem to help all that much today, but I really only gave it about five minutes before I headed out there to get started.

The front squats today were at a fairly heavy 220 pounds for three sets of five. I expected it to be tough, but they weren’t tough at all. It didn’t even feel on the heavy side. I got through them easily with nice deep and explosive front squats with my back, even upper back remaining perfectly flat. For a long time, I struggled with my upper back rounding a bit when it got heavy. I figured that it was more than anything due to me spending my life looking down all the time because of my poor vision. Don’t get me wrong, the squats slowed a bit near my sticking point but not that much and my form didn’t really change. They were as close to textbook front squats as I’ll likely ever see myself doing in my life.

The strict presses were a moderately weighted 110 pounds for three sets of five. These felt good today. Something felt different about my form with these. It’s not a bad thing and I can’t put my finger on it, but something was just a little different. They looked excellent on video, and nothing looked like it’s changed with them.

The dead lifts weren’t bad at the 255 pounds for singles. It was hot, and my hands were super sweaty, but I managed them just fine, but it was only a moderate weight for me, so I really shouldn’t have had any issues with them. I didn’t rush through them, but I didn’t waste anytime either. They felt great!

I didn’t do the extra stuff today because it’s too hot for one. Hopefully, We’ll do our bro session later. I’m also waiting for a call or for someone to come here and look at our tree. My mom said my cousin is going to come look at it.

Hopefully, we get some nice thunderstorms out of this heat today. At least tomorrow looks to be much cooler out!

Music for today’s lifting was Brujeria