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Awesome Day Of Lifting In The Garage Today

Today was one of those rare but truly awesome days in the garage gym. I can’t deny that any day in the garage gym is a good day, even if things go shitty but today was one of the ones were everything was just clicking well and I was feeling really good about everything today. I thought I’d be more tired after watching the Flyers game last night but I woke up feeling like I slept really well and had plenty of rest. Yesterday I felt tired and sluggish all day.

First up were the fairly light back squats for today at 210 pounds. These looked and felt about as perfect as I can possibly make them. They went fast and I did the two extra sets today given they felt great and weren’t all that heavy for me.

The bench press was up next and the weight on these was rest back to 145 pounds since I just did a max (poorly) last week. These felt amazing and more solid than bench has really ever felt for me. I went ahead and did five sets of five at this weight and needed only about a minute of rest between sets. They felt a bit different today. Maybe a bit more solid than normal but they haven’t really been bad at all. I just felt more stable with the movement today.

Next up was the good mornings. These felt and looked great as well and I did the three sets of ten at 85 pounds. Maybe it’s about time to bump the weight a bit on these if they’re feeling good next time. I want to add more resistance to these but very slowly and cautiously. My knees could be straighter on these but it’s definitely a work in progress. The important thing to me is my back remains solid throughout so I am not compensating with it at all or putting it in a compromised position.

Finally since I was feeling pretty good I decided to get back on board with my 20 minute EMOM of weighted pull ups. I was doing so well and with such consistency before I got coronavirus but sort of fell off the wagon a bit after that.

I ended up going with 50 pounds of weight today since I really haven’t been doing them much. I thought the weight might get too close to failure towards the end in the later minutes but that really didn’t happen at all. They felt great and fairly easy throughout the whole twenty minute period so I was happy as hell about that. They never get difficult or even approached failure today so I guess I really haven’t lost all that much during my hiatus from this exercise. Hell the earlier ones were chest to bar.

It was a nice way to spend and hour or so this morning in the nice warm garage gym with the sun shining in the window and reflecting off the fresh bright white snow cover. The nice thing about the sun now is it’s a little higher in the sky and a different angle than a month ago so it’s not shining directly into my eyes as I am walking over to load the one side of the barbell with plates.

Music was Deeds Of Flesh