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Pretty Busy Day Today

Last night I slept great. I think a factor in that was spending lots of time out on the patio both relaxing on the chairs in the sun and then cleaning it up a bit. I did wake up with my back really feeling like it needed to crack but I just couldn’t make it happen.

It was sunny this morning at near 60℉ so we went for our walk about 8:00 am. It turned out to be a really nice 1℉ mile or so walk. We saw several other people out enjoying the nice weather and that’s a good thing. We saw a duck crossing the street just taking it’s time waddling across. That was odd since there’s not really any water around there at least that I know of. I guess the field behind the houses could have a pond. It just walked up into someone’s yard and there was another duck up in their plants. It flew down to the first one and they walked around each other. There was a male and female duck.

When we got back I got changed and decided to get started on my strength for the day. I didn’t know what to expect with my lat feeling off and because of that I did the bare minimum for the day but it all felt good.

The squats were nice and easy today at 200 pounds for my three sets of five. I got through my three sets pretty quickly with no issues. My back was fine with them so that made me feel at least that I got off to a good start. The weight felt light enough that on a normal day I would have easily done the two extra sets but today wasn’t a day to do too much.

Next up I had my three sets of five strict presses to do. These were fairly heavy for me at 122 pounds but they felt good. I easily did my sets with no issues with my back and I guess I can say that my bad arm feels like it’s at a 100 percent now. I only wish I knew what I did to make it better so I’d know to do it again if it ever gets pissed off again.

Last up for my lifting were my dead lifts. I deadlifted 265 pounds for five singles today. Normally I would have done triples at this weight for extra work but given my back earlier today I kept thing at the singles so I wouldn’t have any risk of making it worse. They went really well and felt great. Molly was here for the deadlifts and said they looked easy.

Music today’s lifting was Crowbar.

We then relaxed out on the patio for a while in the sun was in an out. The temperature was in the low 70s with a slight southerly breeze. I think I fell asleep on my chair.

Shortly after that we decided to tackle this week’s street parking vault WOD. Running, sandbag front squats and front rack lunges. I didn’t do well at it today but that’s how I thought it would go down. It was one of those days where I just felt like I had two left feet or something. The run was a drag and even the squats and lunges were slower than normal. It’s okay, it’s days like this that matter the most. I did the WOD and did it reasonably on a day I felt I couldn’t do shit.

More importantly it felt great to do a WOD together outside on the patio again and enjoy some more sun. By this time it was in the mid 70s with a nice southeasterly breeze to keep the air moving. Not being used to this warmer weather it actually felt pretty hot to workout in it. In the summer it’d be a nice cooler day for me to welcome. Today was our first day where it felt a bit humid. Just a week ago it was near whiteout with heavy snow and blowing snow.