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Later Than I Would Have Liked But Still A Decent Day Lifting Today

I had a great night’s sleep last night. Yesterday I had gotten a bit of sunburn from enjoying the upper 70s, full sunshine type of day. To cap off it being a really nice day on the patio after doing some other things, we got ham and cheese hoagies from Two Cousins and drank a bottle of wine with supper.

After our nice walk last evening, I watched the first half or so of the Phillies game, then stretched out in bed fairly early. There was a killer breeze coming through the house, and it didn’t take me long to turn off my tablet and go to sleep. I woke up feeling really refreshed and well rested. It was nice for a change.

We had Brooke this morning and played some games and I chased her around the house a bit. After her bus left, we were getting ready to go to the grocery store when I happened to get an email about a new cache. It was really close, so we went out to attempt to get FTF, and we did get it. It’s been years, if not more than a decade, since we got any FTFs at all.

When we were done with that, we got our grocery shopping for the week done. It’s weird doing it on Monday morning, but that’s the way her schedule will be for a while. The little screeching kids were really in the store today, but the old assholes were. You know, the ones that feel the need to look at each individual package. My theory is they’re waiting for the price to drop.

When we got home from the shopping and got stuff put away, Molly did her WOD for the day. When she was done, I got changed and headed for the garage myself.

Starting with the back squats, I knew it was going to be a tougher day than it should have. For one, my knee is achy after bumping it on the corner of the table right between the bones. It’s also later than I prefer to lift. Given how it felt, I kept my squats to just the three sets of five today. That two hundred and thirty pounds certainly felt heavier than it should have, but I kept the form looking good and got through them pretty quickly. Thankfully, my knee didn’t really bother me. They felt fine, really. Just a little heavier than they should have.

I did the strict press next. I kept these at the three sets of five at the hundred and ten pounds today, but they felt pretty good and pretty easy. Molly said they looked good. The only reason I didn’t do five sets today was out of sheer laziness.

Last on today’s plans for the lifting were my deadlifts at two hundred and sixty-five pounds. These felt good weight wise. My hands were the limiting factor with them, since they’re a little worse for wear from those sweaty handed pull-ups in the WOD that I did yesterday. The deadlifts themselves felt pretty good.

Everything felt at least a bit tougher today than it should have. I can say that I never had the thought cross my mind that I was close to failure. It was more of a mental toughness today.

Music today was Psycroptic.