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Decent Day In The Garage

I have been feeling really run down from the heat. I can’t drink enough water, yet I’m tired of drinking water. Thankfully, today it is much cooler than the mid to upper nineties we’ve been having, but it’s still warm and humid. Not terrible, but a little uncomfortable would be how I’d best describe this morning.

Once the remnants of Elsa move past and the cold front completes it’s push through, we should have a much better couple of days. It’s not like I am complaining, after all it is the middle of July, so it should be expected that it’s most likely hot and humid.

The front squats today which I started out with felt pretty good from the warm-up sets on. They felt a bit heavier than they should have given the moderate weight of 210 pounds for three sets of five, but I completed them with no difficulties. They felt excellent today, apart from my shoulder evidently being a little bruised. I guess I lowered a dumbbell a little too hard yesterday during our bro session doing presses. I didn’t think it bruised it, but today I see a slight one. I did pop a zit with it, though. I worked through my sets quickly with maybe two minutes of rest between. I strongly considered doing two extra sets.

After completing my front squat, I moved to the strict press. These are getting pretty heavy now, but they didn’t feel all that bad, surprisingly. I had to do three sets of five of the shoulder presses at 122 pounds. I wore my belt for the working sets, and it helped me feel that my back wasn’t giving. The presses given the heavier weight felt surprisingly easy today and I only took about two minutes rest or so between sets.

Today was power clean day, so that’s what I did next. These felt a bit weird to me. They weren’t heavy or anything at 165 pounds for five sets of three, but I just felt some hesitancy with them. I think now that I’ve come to the conclusion that it was most likely because of the slight bruise on my shoulder right about where the bar would be racked. Honestly, I didn’t even notice any discomfort there while doing the sets. I’m sure it would have sucked a lot if the bar crashed, but that only happens to me about one day every few months with power cleans now. Generally, I just meet the bar where it is without really giving it a thought.

I did feel better with the cleans as I worked my way through the sets. They weren’t bad or anything, but I just had that slight hesitation making them feel awkward. It was really as if I lacked confidence or something.

I did not do anything extra today. I may or may not do a WOD later.

Music for the strength Long Winters’ Stare