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I'm Feeling Great Today

Saturday I felt like shit and continued feeling progressively worse as the day went on. From what I read that’s a sign of a strong immune reaction so I can’t be too pissed off about it. I did still squeeze my lifts in during Saturday morning and some nice walks so there’s that. Yesterday I felt much better and continued improving as the day went on. Last night I slept well with no waking up between a fever and being hot and the chills from being cold so I was pretty well rested too.

I did wake up or should I say got woken up a bit earlier than I would have liked to gotten up but that happen with low effort neighbors that cannot use the door without just letting it slam behind them no matter the time of day. Sometimes it’s ten or fifteen times in a row. The only effort they can put into anything is smoking cigarettes. Once I got up to take a piss I smelled the coffee and sleep was over.

First on the agenda for this morning were my front squats at 210 pounds. The three sets of five of these squats felt really great today. Last time they felt really tough but that wasn’t the case for today. Maybe I’m figuring it out or something but my ankles tended to shift ever so slightly before but that’s not happening now.

Next up I had my bench press 160 pounds. The 3 sets of 5 of the bench felt good. My arm where I had the shot is a little stiff so I didn’t do anything extra with these today, plus we’ll be doing our bro session this evening which will be all dumbbell stuff. I guess what I really want to say is I just didn’t really feel like I should press my luck on these today.

After benching I did my good mornings at 105 for three sets of ten. These felt surprisingly good today. My knees and hips had been achy yesterday but they aren’t today. I thought the good mornings may bring that back up but it didn’t happen.

I wasn’t sure how it was going to go today but next I figured I would at least give my weighted pull up EMOM a shot. No big deal if my arm was too stiff, I would just walk away and retry another day. Thankfully Pull Up EMOM actually felt really good For these I did two a minute for twenty minutes at 45 pounds and they never really felt all that difficult. As time went on my arm that’s still a bit stiff actually started feeling better. I kept nice solid pull ups throughout except for the one minute where a grazed the bar with my chin on the way down on the first rep. I guess that confirms that my chin was certainly over the bar.

Music for today Saint Vitus.

Later on we did our bro session and that was fun. I went a little lighter today than last time with my arm feeling a tad bit weak but it all felt good and that’s what matters.

We listened to Jinjer for that.

After my girlfriend did her WOD we at supper then went for a walk. It was a nice evening outside and lots of people were outside surely due to the power being out down that part of town with a pole being broken