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Great Day In The Garage On This December Solstice

I woke up too late this morning for a walk but I guess I needed the sleep. I felt like a zombie last night when we went for a walk and was half drifting off to sleep when I was on here after we got home. I drank my coffee and ate something then decided to get moving on my strength after I grabbed the mail.

I started off with my back squats and if they were a sign of how today was going to go I knew I was in for an excellent day. They felt great and I felt like I was really moving well. While the 220 pounds felt like there was weight to it they felt like I was moving it easily. I did my three sets of five plus two more sets since they felt so great. I was surprised they didn’t feel tougher today with the way my legs felt like lead weights last night on our walk since I’d done my twenty rep squats then at 225 and also the street parking deadlift program at a lighter weight since I just began it.

The strict presses were up next and they were thankfully only 105 pounds for three sets of five today. I didn’t know how they would go since my trap had a couple of brief spasms last night. I used the theragun on it and that seemed to settle it down. The presses actually felt great today so I did five sets of them allowing myself maybe a little more rest between sets than I normally would at this sort of weight.

Finally I did my deadlifts. I thought these may give me a bit of a problem with my trap but all was well. I did five triples of the deadlifts at the 245 pounds. They felt like nice explosive lifts today.

I drank my protein and ate a quick something then relaxed for a few minutes.

I decided to give today’s WOD a shot. It was going to be all shoulder intensive so I went a little lighter with the dumbbell alternating presses keeping them at just 30 pounds. The other two movements in the WOD were rowing and strict pull ups in the version I did so I wanted to be a little cautious with the weight on the presses so I didn’t get hung up with an angry trap. I had no problems and actually finished the WOD around the middle of the goal range for time so I was pretty happy with it. The pull ups were maybe slower than they would have been otherwise since it was nine at a time I broke them up into quick sets of two where if my trap hadn’t acted up yesterday I may have at least started out at sets of five and four. It’s all good though because I got my heart rate up a bit and got a good workout in.

Music for today was Candlemass.