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Did My Light Strength Before Heading Out Geocaching

I had slept pretty good last night and felt decent. It’s nice with the cooler fall like weather finally arriving. We went from needing the air conditioner to not even needing the fan on basically over night. I won’t complain about that.

I started off the day with front squats. These were nice and light at 195 pounds for three sets of five. Given we wanted to go play in the woods later I didn’t bother to do any extra sets even though I normally do. They felt and looked great but it was light so it should have.

Next up I had my bench press. These were only at 145 pounds today but they felt better on my arm than they have in a long time. I still feel a little tightness but it seems to be back to normal. Thee three sets of five at the 145 pounds actually felt pretty good.

Finally I did my good mornings. I stuck with 95 pounds for my three sets of ten. Normally I have been doing 115 pounds I wanted to keep these on the lighter side today with our plans to get out to Rocky Ridge geocaching. I remember that being pretty hilly and rocky (as if the park’s name isn’t a give away on that.)

Sometimes it is all about priorities. Today, well really this week’s priorities will be hopefully hiking as it looks like the weather will be mostly cooperative for that.

Music for today strength was Atheist.