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Heavy, Heavy, Heavy Today

I did not sleep for shit last night. I just couldn’t get comfortable at all, and when I did sleep, I kept waking up. As a result, I’ve been feeling tired as hell today and was one of those days in which I had zero expectations at all for my lifts. They were all heavy today and my body didn’t like the idea of it. I ate far too much pizza and other shitty food last night, and I think that’s what helped keep me awake. The neighbors dropping stuff woke me up more than once, too. No big deal, shit happens.

Eventually, around 9:30 AM, I decided to just give my lifts a shot for today. No big deal if I wasn’t feeling it.

Today I started off my lifting with some nice heavy back squats at two hundred and sixty pounds. This is where the weight starts getting somewhat intimidating for me. It was just five pounds under my old max in at Crossfit Trinium and when I did that my form broke in a bad way. Today I had to do three sets of five.

The warm-up weights actually felt pretty good. My core is feeling a bit off, so I didn’t know how squats would feel, but I didn’t notice anything feeling off at all. I took my time adding weight and allowing ample rest, and finally got up to my working weight. Those heavy ones actually felt the best and most explosive of all of them today. I did them fairly easily, considering the heaviness. I don’t even think they felt that heavy on my back. The sets I recorded with my phone looked great. They looked even faster than they felt while I was doing them. The back squats felt good enough and easy enough today that I feel that I should have ten or maybe fifteen more pounds in me if I can dig in and keep the mental toughness. Now, Whether I will be able to do that is another story altogether.

When I was done with the squats I had the task which proved to be much more challenging that I thought it would or should have been. I had to unload off the weight from the bar to move on to the strict presses. I forgot that I had used the two and a half pound change plates, and with my poor vision, I didn’t even see it. It dropped off when I was pulling the fifteen pound plate off with my foot under the bar. Unfortunately, I became aware of the change plate still being there when it fell directly onto my big toe and bounced off it. That fucking hurt worse than the bigger plates do.

After some cursing and walking it off, my toe felt better enough to finish unloading the bar and begin my presses. These were fairly heavy today at one hundred and twenty pounds. These strict presses felt a bit heavier than they should have for the weight, but I was feeling drained from the squats. I also noticed I was favoring the side that I didn’t drop a plate on my toe, but that’s to be expected since I was still feeling it a bit. All in all, they felt pretty good considering, and I got through them pretty quickly. No extra sets would be done today.

Finally, it was time to move on to the last lift of the day for me today. I had to do five singles of deadlifts at a pretty heavy two hundred and eighty-five pounds. After those back squats, I had no clue how I was going to get the energy to do the deadlifts, but I did them. I did them fairly easily except the fourth rep, which I am guessing maybe I was just slightly off center. The other four lifts actually felt great and fairly easy. They looked great on video. Thankfully, by this time, my foot was feeling pretty normal. I did allow a little longer of a rest than I normally would have, but I wanted to make the lifts and do so in as safe of a manner as I could, and that’s precisely what I did.

It was a challenging and rewarding day for me in the home gym. I had my doubts and really wasn’t feeling it at all today bug had enough mental focus get through that and make it a successful day. Now I am feeling super run down.

Music today was A Pale Horse Named Death.