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Bench Felt Good Today

It was a hot and humid night, but the air kept it nice enough for a good night’s sleep. After I woke up and turned it off and came out of the bedroom, things were very different. The rest of the house was hot, and I was just sitting here dripping sweat.

After the mail came I went out to grab it I turned on the air conditioner in the garage to get the humidity ot a more reasonable level so I could go lift. I found myself ready to go out and lift around 10:00 this morning. That’s when the sun is high enough to not blind me so much when loading the plates.

This morning’s lifting adventure began with some moderately weighted back squats at two hundred and thirty pounds. I felt slightly off with the squats today. They were doable, but I just felt like I was unracking the bar off center or something. It could be because I rolled my ankle stepping on the battle rope the other day. I still got through the back squats pretty easily, but a little slower with the heat. They felt better as I went along with them, and by the end they felt great. I wound up completing five sets of five at that weight.

Next, I did my bench press at one hundred and fifty-five pounds. I got the bench set up just right from the start today and had no issues completing my five sets of five. They felt great and didn’t bug my shoulder, but that hasn’t been an issue for a while now. I tend to\ have the bench slightly angled, and it makes the plates bump the J cups or safeties, but that wasn’t an issue for me today.

Finally, for today’s lifting session, I moved on to the good mornings at a hundred and fifteen pounds. They felt great today. It felt good to get back up in weight after taking it light for a few weeks. I got through my three sets of ten easily enough.

This particular day of my lifting program is my least favorite with the bench that I’m not crazy about and the good mornings, but it still feels great to just get under a bar and beat gravity. I do enjoy working with lifts that I am just not all that comfortable with, but it wouldn’t be what I choose to do if I were picking.

I was hoping to do a sled WOD outside later in the day when Molly got home, but it was just too hot and humid for that. The sun was fully shining, only exasperating things. I was just dripping sweat sitting in the chair watching my girlfriend do hers. Winter and cold my body tolerates just fine, but heat and especially the high humidity that we can get in this area just kills me.

Music for today was Ozzy.

With her work getting back to the old schedule, we’re finally able to have time to get out for a nice walk after supper, so at least I did that. We have both been really missing our nice after supper evening walks. It’s a good way to wind down for the day and get relaxed for bedtime…