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I Can Still Strict Press 135 Pounds

I really haven’t been doing much of anything for strength in the past nine months or so. I’ve been doing the Street Parking 20 rep squat programming but that’s only once a week and still relatively light for me. About A week ago I started to do Starting Strength to see where that takes me. I like experimenting at times.

Today was my third day of the starting strength thing and I was doing my last set of power cleans when Cryptopsy’s Phobophile came on. The bass kicked in right at the last clean so I had to see if I could still press 135. It went up easily. Maybe more easily than ever before. That was a big surprise and a really pleasant one at that.

So far it seems like even when I take a six month hiatus from lifting heavy I don’t really loose much strength. Sure the heaviest sets might be harder to do but it seems like it’s more of a mental thing than physical.