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Made It Through My 3 X 5 Squats at 270 Pounds For The First Time Ever

I slept good last night, but somehow I am feeling super run down today. My legs were feeling absolutely exhausted. Maybe from the recent heavy weights and then moving a bunch of pavers once again yesterday.

We took Brooke to the school bus stop after only having time to play a quick game of UNO with her. We headed off to little dippers after that to get coffee, since we haven’t done that in a while. Not only do they have outstanding Penn State ice cream, but they have great coffee too. We waited for the guys to pick up the pavers while drinking our coffee in case they needed help or wanted help.

After they left I went up stairs and got changed to quickly get at my strength before I had too much time to think about it and allow my doubts to fester. I was not feeling it at all today. My brain knew I could make the heavy squats, but I had this deep doubt. It’s a very mental weight to be repping, that’s for sure.

I had to do three sets of five today at a heavy two hundred and seventy pounds. I have done this weight once before for five reps, but never for the three sets. It’s over my one rep max in at the old Crossfit Trinium. When I made it in the past, it was only for the first set and made the first four of the second set. They looked pretty good. I still have the videos, thankfully.

Today I made it through my three sets of five, and they didn’t even fee; all that heavy to me. The worst of it for me was it just driving my legs to exhaustion. I never once thought I was going to fail a rep. They looked outstanding on my videos of each set. They felt tougher than they looked. Every rep was actually really explosive, and I only slightly lost position on the fourth rep of the last set when my hips rose a bit too fast. That leaves me with the dilemma of what to do on Friday. I want to push myself weight wise, but I’d prefer to avoid failure unless it’s totally unexpected.

With my legs feeling just so drained, I just used ninety-five pounds for my strict presses and only did three sets of five. I knew I hit my priority. They felt pretty good. My idea with these today was just going through the motions.

Last up for the day, I had to do my power cleans. I kept these at a light hundred and forty-five pounds today, like I did with the cleans. It was a weight that I knew I had a near zero chance of fucking up. I just wanted to get my reps in and did my five sets of three with ease. I even strict pressed the weight after my last set. It was all about just some work.

I can say that today was a really suprising day and one that makes me feel great. It’s always an aweesome thing when you plow through a mental block

Music For the lifting was Macabre