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Got My Strength And Our Bro Shit Done Bright And Early Today!

This morning I woke up early, around five or so and felt very well rested which I wasn’t expecting today since we drank alcohol last night and I woke up hot in the middle of the night. We finally opened the window and let some fresh air in. The lights are annoying. They shine from across the rail road tracks where the ground is a little higher causing them to be shining directly into our bedroom windows. The trees don’t have leaves yet, just the white flowers. I started my strength about 7:00 AM just after finishing my coffee

I started out with the front squats. These right now are very mentally heavy but should be manageable. Last time I’d failed at the 220 pounds I did today but my brain was in much more agreement with my body today and allowed me to complete the programmed three sets of five reps at the 220 pounds. They looked and felt great today except for feeling a bit heavy but I didn’t loose positioning at all and the lifts themselves were very explosive squats. It was nice to get passed that small bump in the road at least.

Next up were the pretty heavy strict presses for today. These did not really feel nearly as challenging as I thought they might with my shoulders being toast from the past few days and all. They actually felt pretty good and I felt like I was moving well considering the weight was heavier for me. I never once felt like I was close to not making the lifts

Finally I did my deadlifts today at 265 pounds. My glutes and hamstrings are somewhat angry at me still from all of the lunges the other day so I kept it to singles instead of the triples I’ve bee doing, plus I don’t know what this week’s vault WOD will entail. The deadlifts themselves felt great and fairly easy.

I’ve probably said it a million times before and will keep repeating it. Whether it be for my strength, bro shit or in a WOD unless I’m in a competition I will err on the side of caution and make the lifts or movements the best and safest for my longevity as I possibly can. It holds me back a decent amount from getting huge PRs but what good is a PR if it sidelines me for however long because I trashed my back or something.

Music was Borknagar

Shortly after I recovered a bit from my strength we did our bro shit. Again I went way light today since I did 80 renegade rows in a WOD yesterday using the 40 pound dumbbells to challenge myself. I went with only the 35 pound dumbbells for bench and presses and the 30s for other stuff. I’m good with it and it felt good.

Music for the bro shit was Alice In Chains.