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Aborted My Front Squats At 245 Today

Poor sleep again last night with drinking and my ankle’s been not too thrilled with me since I forgot the Conewago trail was redone a few years back and no longer muddy. I unnecessarily wore my old worn out sneakers for our nice 3 mile walk in the sunshine thinking there would be mud. I should throw them away but I keep them around for muddy days or mowing the lawn or something.

It was a really nice walk though with mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the mid 70s. There was a nice breeze and my back even got a little sweaty. We enjoyed our memories of caching on this trail and also just walking. We used to come up here in the evenings and we’d see deer out on the edge of the corn field.

Going to Joy’s last night and drinking some alcohol didn’t help much with my sleep. Heavy food and the alcohol disrupted my sleep a little bit and I really haven’t slept great all week. It’s just catching up with me I think.

I wasn’t expecting them to feel good but my warm up sets of the front squats felt pretty good today. Before squatting I had little hope at all in actually doing any of my working set squats today but then felt there was a chance I actually make them with how good the warm up sets felt.

The working set at 245 felt surprisingly doable. I feel about 90% sure I could have actually successfully made it through my three sets of five on a good day and it certainly didn’t feel like it was out of the realm of possibility for today other than the fact that my brain aborted after the fourth rep of the first set. They looked great form wise. I just felt like it was overloading my core or something today.

I did the moderately weighted strict presses next for three sets of five at 115 pounds. I wouldn’t call them easy today but I also wouldn’t call them difficult. My core was toast from the front squats making them more challenging today to keep good position and all. I got through my three sets pretty quickly.

Finally I did five triples of my power cleans at 165 pounds today. The weight wasn’t heavy but I became well aware of how tired my legs were from the squats during the cleans. I had no misses but the cleans were pretty sloppy timing wise for me today. I wouldn’t say my form was terrible but my positioning was a little bit off with the slow legs and the bar not being where I expected it to be when I expected it to be there.

Music for my strength was Slayer!