My Lifts Did Not Go As Well As I Hoped Today

I am not complaining and not really disappointed in how my lifting went today. Their will be days like this. Sadly they will likely become more common as I get older. Mid 40s isn’t exactly young! I feel its every day that I wish I would have started to lift seriously at a much younger age but I didn’t have the means then. It is what it is though and better late than never!

The front squats felt good today. Even the working set I did at 225 felt pretty good until it didn’t. It wasn’t weakness that stopped me on these squats at least. I just felt like I was favoring my right side way too much and it had a strong potential in not ending well. My core is still feeling a tad off from Friday, especially those double dumbbell snatches. This 225 pounds is pretty heavy for me for front squats and it’s in the ball park of where I expect I will fail. This weight is where it’s starting to feel rougher on my core to maintain an upright torso without rounding over. I used to always have issues with my upper back rounding with front squats but I seem to have rectified that so I don’t want to relearn that bad habit.

I feel like I am at the point in life now where lifting consistently will do better for me than maybe over doing it. I just didn’t want my hip feeling off to introduce any twisting in my back or anything like that. I will lift again in 2 days rather than sitting on the couch wishing I could lift but have to rest due to an injury. I aborted the front squats after the third rep of the first set at the working weight of 225 pounds. My legs have been feeling really sluggish the past couple of days so that was another factor in me being a bit extra cautious.

At least the bench press felt better for me today than the front squats did. They felt way better than I expected they would after all the pressing I have been doing. Friday was a WOD with 100 bench presses and I also did my bro shit with the dumbbells and of course the vault WOD with the presses and snatches. I did the two extra sets so I ended up completing 5x5 at 165 pounds with no problems at all. The weight was moving well and they felt great. It’s not that heavy for me but I thought it would be tougher after last week.

The good mornings felt great today. I did my three sets of ten easily at the 105 pounds and felt a nice stretch in my hips and hamstrings while doing them.

Music for today was Sanctuary.

It got nice out but a bit warm but at least it’s not humid today. I wound up laying on my ch Air out in the patio with the sun coming through the tree on me and took a short nap. Listening to the breeze blow through the trees and feeling it blow on me just felt really amazing today. Days like this are one of the many times nature just give you a free gift to enjoy.

Later in the afternoon we did the sandbag WOD out side since it had running. It was pretty hot and way too dry for this shit. Not that its really hot today but I am just not acclimated to the warmer temperatures yet. My body is still in winter mode. I went a bit slower and less intense on the WOD to be able to keep moving without over heating