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Strength with AC Finally Then A WOD Outside Later

This morning we installed our old air conditioner in one of the garage windows since the temperature was supposed to get into the mid 90s. We had it available and got a smaller one for the bedroom so might else well make good use of it. I started it about 20 minute before lifting and it really was a game changer.

The squats at 215 felt easy and explosive. They have really been feeling pretty great the past month or two. Lots of practice again. The Air conditioner running certainly helped. No pouring sweat and slipping on the sweat that dripped on the floor below me or the bar wanting to slip off of me.

Bench press at 185 pounds felt great. I failed the third set but it was more than anything from the plate bumping the j-cup on the first rep. It threw me off for that set and I lost the mental focus I needed to have for a heavy weight for me doing a lift I am just not confident in to begin with. It also didn’t help that I have been tired and run down from not sleeping for shit last night due to the heat.

Later on in the late afternoon we both did today’s WOD outside on the patio. It was sandbag ground to overhead and weighted step ups. I am not comfortable with step ups let alone weighted ones. Being visually impaired I feel like I just don’t trust that I am stepping solidly onto the box as much as I should be so they’re always slower and more cautions as I feel each rep out. The sun shining didn’t help since my shadow was right where I needed to step. It was also fucking hot! Thankfully not as humid as it could be but still the mid 90s aren’t fun.

I did it and didn’t die. We ate supper and drank an adult beverage with it then had a nice heavy shower just before sunset. It really cooled it off so we won’t need to put the air conditioner in the bedroom window. We prefer just using the fan.