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Heavy Day Pressing Today

Last night was a little warm earlier, but it did cool off nicely. Not as much as recent nights, but it was nice for a late June night. At least we didn’t get woken up by fireworks like Friday night. I slept good enough, but just not quite long enough. I woke up to piss, then just laid in bed awake for a while. Eventually, I got tired of smelling the coffee and just got up to drink it.

I was ready to get in the garage and at my lifts really early today. We don’t have the air conditioner in the window yet, so I wanted to beat the heat. It was already very humid. I headed out about 7:30 AM. I figured that was late enough.

The day started out with my moderately weighted back squats. I had to do and completed my three sets of five of the squats ant two hundred and thirty-five pounds. They felt good today, and I really was having a strong drive out of the hole with them. I didn’t need to rake that long of a rest period between my sets. Maybe two minutes or so. I can remember when this weight felt somewhat challenging for sets of five. Now it’s just routine weight like a warm-up set.

After I completed my squats, it was time to move on to the strict presses. I knew this was going to be a challenging weight for my three sets of five at the hundred and thirty pounds. I have only made it through this weight a couple of times. Today they felt good and for the most part, they were easy except for the last rep of each set. They looked excellent, and I had no real signs of my back giving. My pushes stayed very much balanced, so I guess my left shoulder that I had pissed off is fully back to normal now. For the longest time that side was weaker, and I felt like it was lagging, and I would get somewhat uneven presses at heavy weights. That didn’t happen today for me.

Last up for the day was the moderately heavy deadlifts at two hundred and eighty-five pounds. I stuck with the singles, even though I could have repped it because of my super sweaty hands. I said it was humid and with my wet hands that bar was fun to try to hold on to. Other than the sweaty hands, they felt and looked great today.

It turned out to be a great early morning gym session for me. I wish I could have gotten out there earlier but I don’t want to be that aSshole neighbor. We’ve had enough of those to know what it’s like to be oln the recieving side of that.

Music today was Overkill.