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We Did Our Presses Together

I slept pretty well last night. The Phillies had off yesterday, so I wasn’t up watching the game or anything, so it was a just eat supper then veg out in bed evening, but much needed.

I drank my coffee this morning and was feeling pretty good. I was ready to get at my bench press for the day as soon as the coffee was gone. It’s been so nice to do the pressing now that my thumb is finally no longer angry with me.

The bench ended up feeling pretty good today. I took my time, working my way up through the lighter sets, and they felt progressively better as they got heavier. I wound up getting a not too aggressive six reps at the three plus AMRAP set and a hundred and seventy pounds.

I relaxed a little but left the air conditioner running, so it cooled off a bit more in the garage gym. It didn’t take me too long to decide that I just wanted to get a WOD in. I wasn’t too thrilled with many of these WODs, so I settled on an old sandbag one. They really took away the good sandbag WODs when they changed platforms and now most of them just have such stupid movements, but there are like two okay WODs. Very disappointing, but I still get my money’s worth. I got a good workout, felt good.

After the WOD and relaxing a bit, I headed out to water the garden and grab a fresh tomato for a sandwich. Not much is better than a fresh tomato on a sandwich. Just bread, mayo, and a tomato. Maybe some oregano, but it’s so simple and so tasty. It’s such a nostalgic thing for me to eat, as I ate so many of them growing up when I was at Nan and Pop’s house.

When Molly got home, she wanted to do her strict presses. I was sitting on the couch and the light bulb must have lit up above my head. She does hers outside the rack and I do mine inside, so we could do them together! Technically, we could do squats too, but the plates could bump when I walk it out and that wouldn’t be good. I felt good with the presses while warming up even after having done the bench press earlier today. I figured if I wasn’t happy with how they went, I’d just redo it another day but still get a little work in. They were feeling especially good as I was working my way up through the weights. I wound up getting a few good presses at the hundred and thirty-five pounds. I think of it every time I do this particular weight, but it feels wonderful to be repping a weight that I was plateaued at for so long when we went into Crossfit Trinium. More importantly though was the good quality time spent with her.

I’ve been feeling less run down lately. I’m hoping that between that and the heat breaking, I can start bumping the intensity and doubling up on WODs again.

Music my lifting today was Moonspell.