Busy Day On This Hot Day

I didn’t sleep real well or enough last night but we had Joy’s so that was expected. Alcohol tend to mess up my sleep at least a little bit. At least it was pretty nice and cool this morning. It was foretasted to be a hot one today.

I started out with the front squats. This was a heavy weight for me at the 225 pounds for my three sets of five. I’m not sure if I am remembering it correctly but I think I failed this weight last time but not today, Shit, I wasn’t even close to failing the squats. They felt and looked great and I moved extremely well today. Another thing of note to me is there was virtually no clicking at all. Maybe a little in the warm up sets but I don’t remember noticing it. I hitting rock bottom without even the slightest butt-wink. I’m pleased that I am finally getting as deep as I used to.

Next up I had the light strict presses. I really don’t have much to say about how these went other than they went well. The first rep of my first working st at 102 pounds was one that I of course stepped out unevenly and bumped the plate on the top of the rack. It was no problem at this light weight but there have been times where I fucked myself over with this little mistake at much heavier or even max territory.

After my presses I had heavier power cleans to do today. The warms felt awkward and the first working set 185 pounds was even worse. My timing was weird and if I look at the video of the first rep I way over pulled it and that’s when I caught it too far on my heels and stumbled backwards a bit. In our tight space in the garage I just don’t have room for that or to safely bail so I aborted after that. By this time it was warming up a bit and I think sweaty hands were a distraction. The other giant distraction I had was the super bright sun shining in the windows and directly into my eyes. I am grateful for the big window most of the time but today wasn’t one of them.

Finally I did my hip thrust with the box. I’m progressing nicely with these now and the weight is getting up there. Today I did three sets of ten of these at 295 pounds. While the weight was heavy they were pretty easily doable for me today. I see no reason not to add weight the next time.

After I did my strength I went and cut the grass this morning before it got too hot out. It’s so nice with the cordless mower to not be too concerned how early it is. I hate to be that person that wakes up people on their day off which for most is on Saturday so in the past I’d wait until 10:00 or later to do it. We tested it out and can have a conversation of the mower. This is the third time I’ve mowed on the same battery charge so happy with that.

After that we had go to Target and stuff. That was so strange not wearing a mask in the store but we’re just following CDC guidelines. Funny thing is all the kids not wearing them that certainly aren’t following CDC guidelines as their too young to have been vaccinated. What Can I say though, people are incapable of not being self centered.

After we got home I did next week’s vault WOD. I wasn’t looking forward to it very much with the burpees facing the sandbag but I did it. By this time it was hot out. A fan and the breeze was enough to make it tolerable though. We probably should have installed the air conditioner but I am trying to get my self a little more acclimated to the heat before we start using it. It was around 90 at this time but thankfully not too humid. Hotter and more humid than I would like for sure but not unbearably so yet.

I was decently happy with my results from the WOD considering that I was having trouble seeing with the burpees do to the sweat in my eyes. Another issue I was having is between the sweat on my hands and the residual dust and sand from when the inner filler bag ripped it mad the bag into a sandpaper type of feel. That got my hands pretty raw

Music for my strength and WOD today was Macabre.

After I recovered a bit from the WOD and inhaled a bunch of water we did our bro session. With the other things I did today I held off a bit on the weights as this is my lowest priority but I still used the 50 pound dumbbells for the bench press. They felt pretty good today. I also used the 50s for rows out of being too lazy to get the heavier dumbbells out..

For the strict presses I used the 50s again but this time I didn’t use my belt. I got eight, seven and ten reps and they felt great. It was my first time not using the belt for this weight. I tend to like to use it with the heavier, near max weights as it helps me “feel” what my core is doing. I like to use it as tool but don’t want to allow myself to rely on it as a crutch. Even for the bro shit there was a decently nice breeze coming through the garage and house and the humidity had dropped off a bit this afternoon, shortly before we did this.

Our music for the bro session was Nightwish.