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Not A Bad Day At All In The Home Gym Today

Today started out right when I woke up to a glowing pink sky out the open window from the sunrise. The entire sky was glowing. The coffee tasted better than normal too so that made for a great day.

It was pretty nice this morning and mostly cloudy making it a bit easier for me to cut the grass. With our large tree there are deep shadows and I tend to miss spots since I can’t see well enough to really be able to tell the edge of where the mower went before.

The front squats with which I began today’s gym session felt really good to me today. I did three sets of five at 215 pounds and that’s a decently heavy weight for me to rep out front squats. The past few sessions of front squats have been a little bit tougher than they should have been and I anticipated the same for today after yesterday;s WODs that I had done that included a shit ton of weighted step ups and the other had running and sandbag squats/ cleans. The front squats felt great today though and looked even better. The second set I did have the awkwardness of bumping the rack causing the ring to fall and swing into my back but luckily it was nothing more than an annoying little WTF moment.

After I completed my squats it was on to the strict presses and a fairly light 105 pounds today. The three sets of five shoulder presses felt good too as they really should have.

The power cleans for five sets of three felt good albeit a little off with the timing today. My timing was just maybe a little discombobulated but it didn’t effect the quality of the lifts or the movement in general. I was just a tad bit slower than normal with the turnover. By this time it’s warming up pretty good outside and in the garage too and the humidity is creeping upwards a bit. Don’t get me wrong, in the middle of summer today would be a quite chilly day but this is not summer yet and it’s the first relatively warm day with a little humidity. I feel like that was effecting me at least a little with the cleans. My body just doesn’t seem to be very efficient at losing excess heat. The sweatier than normal hands didn’t provide me with much help but I completed the sets that I needed to do.

I considered doing my glute stuff but I figured after the 80 weighted step ups wrecked them yesterday it might be better to pass on them today so I didn’t do them.

Music for today was Lykathea Aflame.

By later in the afternoon the girlfriend was home and ready to do our bro shit together. I was back up to the 55 pound dumbbells for dumbbell bench which felt good. I was also back up to the 35 pound dumbbells for curls and they felt really good. My elbow doesn’t seem to be angry at me any longer. With the door open there was an awesome breeze blowing straight through which felt pretty fucking amazing.

Music for this was Kamelot

By this time later in the afternoon and especially when we went for our after supper walk it was just too hot out for my preferences. Just a couple of days ago we were still in the lower 60s and now it’s the mid 80s. At least there was a nice breeze coming through the house with the back door open and now the screen is in the front door!