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My Lifts Felt Great Today!

My lifting today felt great and it was a really nice surprise that it did! It was my second night of not really enough sleep for what ever reason. My body decided it was time to wake up way too early again. I think I had trouble sleeping too, because I was too wound up last night from doing the Vault WOD which was very mental for me with 100 reps hopping over a 24 inch high PVC pipe which I really couldn’t see that well. It was rough on the joints.

First up I did my front squats at 205 pounds. While mentally it was feeling really heavy being rusty on front squats and the fact that my legs felt like concrete weights today the reps weren’t difficult at all. Save one or two sloppy reps I maintained about as perfect form as I am going to physically be able to. Very upright, nearly vertical torso with zero elbow dropping. Granted my elbows could be a little higher but that’ll come with practice again.

Bench press felt pretty good at 170 pounds for me. The weight was moderately heavy for me but not really challenging. My biggest issue with these was that I was constantly off center and kept bumping the safeties. Trying to get the bench centered is just such a bitch with my poor vision yet having the safeties set just gives me so much more confidence with this lift that I don’t trust.

Next thing I did today was the good mornings at 95 pounds. I have no clue why but these are clicking more for me today. I certainly could use heavier weight with these but choose not to.

Later on in the day we did the bro lifts with the dumbbells. Why not? I mean I don’t want to do them to the point that I lose mobility but I’d have to really work to do that do now which is probably already not enough. I wouldn’t mind having more visible muscle but who wouldn’t? I’m really getting pretty lean right now.

We did curls and bench press and rows and shit with the dumbbells. I also did ring dips and pull ups before Molly was ready since she’s not in a place to do them yet.

Music for today was Lake Of Tears