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Heavy Deadlifts And Presses Today

I woke up feeling good this morning. My hamstring wasn’t nearly as pissed as it was last night. I think maybe some DOMS crept up on me from all of the step ups the other day. I don’t know though since I typically do not have DOMS.

We did our running around to the grocery store after my girlfriend’s appointment this morning so that gave me plenty of time to do my lifting and an endurance WOD.

I started out with my back squats. This was what made me know that my hamstring was fine. I took some nice easy warm up sets and paid extra close attention to how I felt and it was all good. I took all of my warm ups that way as I slowly built the weight up. I got to my working set at 225 pounds and they felt great. It’s not like it was heavy but I was unsure of what to really expect from it with the way my leg felt last night. I easily worked my way through my three sets with no issues.

The strict presses were on the heavy end today at 125 lbs for my three sets of five. The first two sets felt really good. The last one was a lot more challenging. That last rep the bar hit my sticking point that’s maybe a bit above eye level and felt as if it just stopped. I hung on and fought it and completed the lift with out any real form breakage. It was one of those unusual reps where I pushed the bar a little out in front of me and it was a fight to get back under it properly I made the lift and that’s what mattes today.

Last up for my lifting were my deadlifts. These were very heavy for me at 295 pounds for five singles. They felt really good though and pretty easy considering how close my my everyday max is. No mixed grip as always and today I felt like I had a good grip on the bar. My hands weren’t sweaty so that could be a big help.

I drank my protein then hopped on the rower for the endurance WOD that I wanted to do today. ten rounds of a minute of rowing and a minute of rest. I ended up with 2500 meters or so which was not as well as I could have done but fair considering I’d just done those heavy deadlifts. I slowly ramped up the intensity each round as I was playing it by feel today. I didn’t want to crash and burn after the first round as my legs were still so tired. It felt good to get some rowing in and get the heart rate up a little bit.

Music for today was Alkaloid.