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Lifts Went Great This Morning

I had a shitty night’s sleep. From 12:30 until about 3:30 I laid in bed awake with maybe very short periods of sleep. It was too hot to have the covers on and too chilly to not have them on. I just couldn’t get comfortable either in my laying position or temperature wise. About 3:30 or 4:00 I finally did fall asleep until about 5:30. I woke up feeling surprisingly rested.

After I took Brooke to the bus stop in the rain this morning, yes I jumped in the puddle, I came home and ate a banana as I hadn’t had a chance to eat one earlier or just didn’t think of it yet.. I got changed shortly after I took a shit and got started on my strength. I really didn’t have too high of a hope for it today but I had to get it done.

The back squats were up first. They were a fairly light weight at 195 pounds with the way my knee had been acting up I reset my weight lower than I normally would have last week. The warm up sets felt pretty good and the working weight sets felt great. I felt nice and solid with them being deep explosive squats. Today I had zero residual tightness left in my knee so I guess it’s back to normal. They looked great too. I did the two extra sets for five sets of five since they did feel excellent.

Next up were my pretty heavy strict presses at 120 pounds. The weight’s getting up there for them. The warm ups felt pretty good and going alone with the theme for today the working weight sets felt great. I easily did my three sets of five and then threw in and additional two sets since they did feel so great. I felt nothing out of the ordinary in my shoulder again and even the heavier weight felt so much better and more balanced.

Last but not least I had my power cleans. I had to do my five triples at 170 pounds today and I thought they might bother my knee. They really didn’t bother it and the lifts them selves felt great. I was hardly getting under the bar at all because I didn’t need to. The ones that I record looked pretty great being nice fast and explosive power cleans which caught me off guard because they felt slower and heavy. They didn’t look as heavy as they were feeling to me. They never felt heavy as in close to heavy failure, just slower than usual.

With the way I slept last night I really anticipated today being tough for me in the garage. It turned out that I had a great morning in the gym just taking my time and enjoying the peace of lifting. I’m going to skip a WOD for today I think but I am super thankful for being able to get some work in. I don’t think I have mentioned recently just how grateful we are to have our garage setup that we have.

Music today was Black Sabbath