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My Lifts Really Felt Great Today

The past few days I have been feeling generally tired and pretty run down. I had several nights of poor sleep. The dogs down the street barking their heads off half the night. People playing games with their cars locking it and making the little beep and just noisy vehicles in general. Even last night was that way to a point but I did sleep a bit better.

I actually woke up this morning feeling fairly refreshed. Longer sleep would have been good but at least I didn’t keep getting woken up.

Another thing is although I slept well when I slept I just don’t think I slept long enough last night.

Front squats were where I started off the day’s lifts and they were a fairly heavy 215 pounds. Not failure heavy but the weight’s getting up there. I expected it tell feel really heavy as it has been the past few session but it seemed to feel fairly light today. I easily worked through my three sets of five with all the lifts being super deep squats and very explosive. One odd thing I noted today is for some reason my elbows were seeming to stay a bit higher. They don’t get low enough to be a problem normally but it’s one thing that I could stand to improve on.

Next I did my strict presses. They were a pretty heavy 120 pounds for three sets of five. Last time I passed up on these so I kept the weight at 120 pounds. They were feeling really good today. My arm didn’t really even feel that slight weakness that its been having for so long now. If I had to pick one exercise from today that I was the happiest with it would be these shoulder presses for sure. They felt light and explosive today and honestly looked great from the video for being a heavier weight yet.

I wrapped up the day’s lifting session with my heavier deadlifts for the five singles at 285 pounds. These felt great today and not even that heavy. The lifts were all solid looking and nice explosive movement right off the floor. They felt relatively easy given it’s a heavier weight for me and I easily worked my way through them maintaining great form. If I had to pick one thing that was off about them is my hand felt like it wanted to rip a little bit. I have a slight blister under the callus from all of the knees to elbows and kettle bell swings in the WOD I did yesterday.

All in all it was a great day in the garage gym and felt much, much better than the last several sessions have felt. I may or may not do a WOD later on after the Eagles game is over. Time will tell how I feel and whether I partake in the enjoyment of an adult beverage will factor in.

Music for my strength was Katalepsy