Killed The Last Strength Session Of The Year

It’s kind of cool how it worked out that my last programmed strength session worked out to fall on December 31st. Realistically doing strength every other day it had a fifty percent chance of occurring but I like that I didn’t have to finagle the days to make it work out. I guess it starting on January first would have been cool too but I like that I was able to end this cluster fuck of a year on a good note.

The actually lifting today felt and went great.

The squats today were a pretty moderate weight at 215 pounds but they felt great and very fast. I worked through them with minimal rest and minimal breathing between reps. That’s going to end probably next week as the weight’s start getting towards the heavy side but I will continue for not working through them as fast as I feel I safely can. I was very happy with how my five sets of five back squats went today.

The strict presses were a moderate 107 pounds and they felt really good today. The video shows the same and Molly said they looked really good and she was watching. I am not sure what has really happened with these but they seemed to have clicked and taken a big step towards better technique. I was back up to the two extra sets for a total of five sets of five today since I felt better today.

Finally I had deadlifts. Deadlifts are basically my nemesis lift that I have always had a tough mental block with. Early on when learning them my back tended to be rounded naturally and I was well aware of it. It didn’t change and I wasn’t pulling with my back but at the same time I knew it wasn’t ideal. That hasn’t really been an issue in a long time though but it’s still in the back of my mind for every single lift. I am getting used to using my 2pood belt now to help feel the position. I’m thinking that it’s going to be a good, long overdue, investment. For the DL I did five triples at 255. It’s a moderate weight but in a few weeks it’s going to get real for sure.

A little while later we did the SHIFT version of today’s WOD. It was a bunch of hang power snatches with a dumbbell and unweighted step ups. I briefly considered scaling the weight up to 50 pounds to give it a try but then I remembered my shoulders are toast from the long ass row yesterday. Well really it’s everything that’s shot. That’s one of the reasons I did the SHIFT WOD. I didn’t want to do a 24 minute AMRAP today or weighted step ups considering the row yesterday plus the fact that I did my lifting this morning. The WOD went fast and easy. The hang snatches were really easy at the 40 pounds I ultimately decided to use. That was the part I went faster at. Due to vision the step ups were a bit slower but at least they weren’t as slow as they are sometimes. If the lighting isn’t just right for me any form of step ups can be a nightmare for me. I do them still but slowly.

Music for the strength and workout was Illogicist.