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Polar Opposite Of Yesterday In The Garage Today

This morning I was feeling pretty good again. Maybe a bit tired from watching the first half or so of the Phillies game, but not too bad. I strongly dislike these late west coast games. The game wasn’t even worth watching, since the Phillies couldn’t be bothered to show up.

While I was drinking my coffee, I did some more minor tweaks on the templates for this site to simplify things. While I was doing that, I was feeling eager to get out into the home gym. My first order of looseness was that I wanted to redo my bench press from yesterday. They were far too easy because I used the wrong weight. Thirty pounds under what I should have used.

The first good thing that happened today and set me up for success was the fact that I was able to get the bench lined up pretty well in the rack on the first try. That in itself is a rarity for me. The warm-up sets felt great today. No bumping the plates into the J cups or safeties because I wasn’t lined up right. Another plus for today was not forgetting to put a change plate on one side like yesterday. I was actually enjoying myself and feeling good while working up in weights.

The finally AMRAP set was at a much more challenging hundred and seventy pounds. I made six reps at that weight today. It was much more inline with what I expected than yesterday’s eleven reps.

I was feeling great, so I figured I might as well do my deadlifts today too. That was my plan before I screwed up yesterday, anyway. Those felt great too. I took my time working up in weight, I was enjoying the inner peace as I was performing my lifts. It had my mind in a good state. I only made three reps of the AMRAP, but that was more grip than strength. My one finger had a dried blister that felt like it was ready to tear. I just didn’t want to take any good skin with it. The other thing is I want to keep full focus on my core with deadlifts and not be distracted by something else. I’m confident if I was more willing to just drop the bar instead of lowering it in a controlled way, I’d have gotten through the five reps. They actually felt great.

I recovered a bit, then decided to get a WOD in for today. The one actually programmed would do nothing for me with high rep box jump overs and burpees. I don’t have the space for the combination here for one. Another factor is my vision. I’d spend more time turning around and getting lined up right for the box jumps than I would actually be doing them.

I dug up an old sandbag WOD with hang cleans, presses and back squats with it. That lined up with what I wanted to do today. I could have done without the hop overs but in this case, they broke up the sandbag stuff which I did rapidly and unbroken. It was a slow climb, but my heart rate really got up there by the end of the WOD.

Music for today was Candlemass