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My Lifts Were Pretty Heavy Today But Doable

I woke up pretty early today and ate a banana for breakfast like I pretty much always do. I drank some coffee. I woke up pretty quickly today so I got out in the garage and did my lifting about 7:30 AM or at least that’s about the time I started it. I did this because we were going out later plus to free up the garage gym for Molly.

I started off with the back squats and I knew it was going to be fun when the 45 pound plates felt heavy. The squats were at 250 pounds today which is pretty heavy for me. The first set and a bit of a sloppiness to it but the second two weren’t like that at all. I believe in hindsight that I was just a little bit off center on the bar and the heavier the bar weight gets the harder it is to compensate for stupid shit like that.

Next I had the strict press at 115 pounds. I don’t know that I would call this weight heavy per se but it’s not light either. It was definitely pretty challenging today but not impossible feeling. I managed to complete the required reps today in pretty short order.

Finally the deadlifts I had to do were at 275 for five singles. I expected them to be rough especially after the WOD I did yesterday with 50 strict pull ups and that’s exactly how they turned out. The first rep at my working weight I actually got pretty light headed after I was done. That doesn’t happen to me too often anymore but it did today. The second one the lightheartedness was there again but to a much lesser extent. I did drink some water before that one.

The rest of the reps were thankfully pretty uneventful. Not easy but they were doable. The grip aspect of them felt great today where I never felt like I was loosing the bar even with just regular grip.

Music for today was Nile.

Molly had to run to pick something up so I went to game stop to pick up a gain or two for my xbox. I had a code to use and as luck would have it both games I had chosen were not in stock. I’ve been wanting to try out Grand Theft Auto for years but never had a console that it was made for until now so that was one of my choices. They didn’t have it so I just ordered it from home when we got home.

This afternoon we did this week’s vault WOD together. It involved Manmakers, devil presses and burpees.

I was pretty happy with the manmakers. I wasn’t by any means fast at them yet but they were certainly a smoother movement for me than they have been in the past. I’ve been for the most part being patient with them and not trying to rush to build the muscle memory for fast movements with good patterns and today I was feeling that’s beginning to pay off. There was a lot less of the stop and play the exercise through my head before performing it.

The devil presses were what I was happiest with. I was able to do them fairly quickly. I’ve been getting faster at them for a little while now but usually that’s a few reps then I’d have to stop and replay the movement in my head. That’s just a matter of them being newish exercises to me still and need to think about how to perform it. We only got the dumbbells last summer after all.

For the burpees I was a bit disappointed in my performance but it is what it is. My shoulders were done from yesterday and today and just wasn’t getting in a good groove. The last bit of the time I decided to really up the speed with these and that’s when the shit hit the fan.. Thankfully it’s okay but I landed awkwardly on my had and my thumb joint left out a nice loud crack. Even Molly heard it over the music. That keeps replaying through my head.

Our music for the WOD was Nightwish!