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Suddenly I Have The Ability To Do Weighted Lunges

I have no idea when or why, but doing lunges has finally clicked for me. Lunges are definitely one of those movements that have always given me fits and caused endless frustration. It was more to my sense of balance than skill.

I tend to favor my side opposite the one that has the better vision, and it’s completely understandable why. I naturally favor that side with everything because I see better that way. I think my body has learned to compensate physically for that to the point that it even feels balanced. Works fine with anything other than weighted one legged stuff.

At some point in the past month or two, that’s all changed. I think that barbell overhead lunges helped me learn better movement patterns. Even doing unweighted ones I can do them in bigger faster sets now whereas in the past I’d be good for a few then misstep and sort of be unbalanced.

One of the things I’ve wanted to since switching from going to a gym to working out at home is work on weaknesses like this. Here I have all the time I want to work out. I can do poor movements slower, but then do another WOD later that I am able to do at a high intensity. Another option is that I can just hope on the rower if I want instead. Whereas when we went to a gym, we had an hour or so of time, so I had to make the most of it as I could.

I love when I can find a way to get past the disadvantage of my visual impairment. I do realize and accept that there won’t always be a possibility of overcoming it. Personally, I have learned not to get too frustrating over what I can’t control, but I certainly don’t want to or allow it to become an excuse if it is at all possible.