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Good And Bad Day In The Garage Today

Last night I slept okay. We should have probably taken out the air conditioner before bed, but we didn’t think of it until bedtime, so it stayed in. It got cooler last night, so the fresh air from outside would have made me sleep much better than I did. I woke up pretty early and drank my coffee and all that good stuff, but I was feeling pretty lazy today. Well, that and getting a new server set up. The server in itself has been a fun challenge that I will write about later.

The first order of business today were my front squat. These were nice and light at 195 pounds. Thankfully, they did not feel nearly as bad or heavy as the other day. It’s cooler today and not ridiculously humid, so that helped, as did getting a decent night’s sleep. The three sets of five front squats looked and felt wonderful though, but at a mere 195 pounds they should have been easy.

After the squats, it was on the bench press, my nemesis lift. They were a light 155 pounds today, so they didn’t feel too bad. I worked quickly through my three sets of five with no issues at all. I had a tough time getting the bench lined up right and centered right, but that’s nothing new for me. I don’t think I ever got it just right today, but it didn’t drastically affect my light benching at least.

After the bench press, it was time to move onto the good mornings. Not my favorite lift to perform, but I think it’s a useful one to do. I got through my three sets of ten of these at 105 pounds quickly and easily, and they felt good. I really felt my abs working with these today.

I decided afterwards to get this week’s twenty rep back squats done, since I was feeling pretty good, and they’re not too heavy at 205 pounds. The hectic times of the tree branch breaking and waiting around for the tree guy plus the heat just allowed me to keep skipping them, but today none of that was a factor, so I got ’em done. They didn’t feel all that bad for the twenty reps, but holy shit did it get my heart rate up today. I got through the twenty reps fairly quickly with no sloppy reps. If anything they looked nearly perfect, every rep did.

Music for my strength today was Katalepsy.

That evening, I attempted and quickly aborted next week’s vault WOD. It was one of those times when everything goes wrong. First, I fucked things up with setting up the clock. No big deal though since I had my watch. Next thing is, I had the wrong dumbbells out. I wanted the 40s and thought I’d grabbed them, but though they felt heavy today. I figured it was the tiredness and stress of the week. After the first row of the WOD, I quickly grabbed the 40s in the middle of the WOD and promptly completely fucked up and performed the wrong movement. I saw then how this day was going to go, so I just walked away to do the WOD another day. Before I put away my dumbbells I performed 30 alternating snatches so at least I did something.