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Humidity's Coming Back But I Smashed My Lift Today

I was feeling decent this morning. I felt like I slept decently, maybe not quite enough though, but I am rested at least. It’s not by any means hot yet, but it’s in the sixties with the humidity near 100 percent. It’s still enough to make it uncomfortable, but not detrimental yet. Seeing it will be in the nineties next week, we’ll have the air conditioner installed by then. It’s sitting in the middle room ready to go into the window.

It’s threatening to rain, and we’re supposed to have showers and thunderstorms today, so I really wanted to get to and through my strength before any rainfall might occur and only increase the humidity. I was able to beat the rain with my strength session and not have to deal with that at least.

The strangest thing is happening, and I am not certain why. My leg for the past six months was clicking loudly every time I squatted. There was never any pain, so I kept moving. I didn’t have any weak feeling or mobility issues, so I kept pushing my squats. It was just annoying to hear, but that seems to have all but disappeared since I’ve added all the extra glute stuff in. I just wrote it off as being my body slowly breaking, as I’m in my 40s now.

Beginning with the front squats, I knew right away that this was going to be an excellent day. While the 220 pounds is on the heavier side for me to perform sets of five, the weight felt great today and was pretty much flying. Everything was just clicking with these front squats for today, and they just felt pretty light. My form with these have been improving as I get more practice in with them. It’s not that it was bad before, but I was, I guess the best way to describe it would be a little rusty on them from not getting much practice for a couple of years. I’d been focusing on back squats.

Bench press was up next at a pretty light 150 pounds. They felt easy, as they should have felt, given that it wasn’t heavy. Typically, I’d throw in some extra work with the weight being light, but given that my elbow had been flaring up a bit (thankfully it’s subsiding now) I didn’t do anything extra. I’m also doing a lot of dumbbell benching. I worked through the bench presses pretty quickly with minimal rest.

Next up after the bench press was the good mornings. These felt good at the 105 pounds for sets of ten today, besides the one rep where I bumped the J cup being a little too close to it. Even with these, I felt like I was moving really well today, so that’s a good thing.

Finally, I did my three sets of ten hip thrusts today, and they felt heavy, but then again they were pretty heavy. I did my three sets of ten of these at a pretty heavy 285 pounds, It was supposed to be 275 pounds, but I was unable to add very well today. Regardless of them being heavy, they felt great and fairly easy. They looked pretty good too! I am really finding it a pleasant surprise how I’m moving along with these lifts with ease this time, aroused. The only issue I actually had with them is the second set, when my music had switched to fucking Christmas music. “Oh Christmas Tree” isn’t good for lifting, and it’s the polar opposite of the Archspire that had been on. Obviously, I completed the set, but it was hard not to laugh at the absurdity of the timing of this change. Any other day I would have my Fiio player on the box behind me, but of course, I put it up on the dryer today, so I wouldn’t accidentally knock it over.

Music for today was Archspire.