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Back To My Lifting

It has been roughly ten days since I have done my regular lifting. I haven’t touched the bar since I did my Crossfit total on the tenth of July. It’s not like I was doing nothing, though. We’ve been having fun doing brutal sled WODs and D ball WODs with my strongman sandbag from Rogue. They’ve been tough and a different stimulus for me, so they’ve been running me into the ground.

I woke up feeling pretty good today. I watered the garden and outside plants while I was drinking my coffee, then relaxed on the computer and caught up a bit with the news. After the mail was delivered, I got changed and headed out to the garage.

I began my day of lifting today with light back squats. I easily did my five sets of five of the squats and one hundred and ninety-five pounds. While I felt a little tighter and rusty in the hips from not doing them plus destroying my legs with the sled, they felt good. I was getting nice and deep. It just took a bit longer to find my groove with them. My legs are just still tired from all the leg work.

Next up I had my light strict presses. I did five sets of five of the shoulder presses at ninety-five pounds. These felt easy and great from the start. I easily worked my way through them with no issues at all.

Last up for today, I had my deadlifts. I thought these felt a little rusty like the squats, but they didn’t. I did take my time, working through more warm up sets than I normally do to get things firing correctly. They felt great, and I easily did five triples of the deadlifts at two hundred and forty-five pounds. I was really surprised at how good deadlifts felt.

I cooled off for a few minutes, or at least the best that I could. It’s a hot day today. I had the air conditioner on in the garage, but that still only took the edge off, since I didn’t have it running for long before I went out there.

I decided to do an old-fashioned inside WOD today instead of all the outside stuff that we’ve been doing. Just burpee pull-ups and thrusters. For the thrusters, I went with the RX weight of thirty-five pounds for the dumbbells. I could have knocked out sandbag or barbell thrusters much faster, but I wanted to do the thing I am least comfortable with. The burpee pull-ups were a bit slower than normal today with me sweating so much and my hands were dripping wet. That made holding on to the bar fun. Those two factors had me go a little slower and not quite make the goal, but I’m good with how I did today.

It felt great to get back to my normal routine, but I will be making lots of use of the d ball and sled while the weather remains cooperative to use them. I feel like they give me a great workout, and it’s also a good thing to mix it up a bit. Variety keeps things interesting, and that will keep me on board with consistency.

Music for today was Beyond Creation.