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Lots Of Activities Today

Today, the weather has been much more tolerable for me. It’s much cooler than it has been, and the humidity is gone. I felt good when I woke up and got my lifting session out of the way fairly early since I knew I was hoping to double up on WODs today.

I started out as I normally do, with the front squats at 20 pounds. They felt great today. I thought they might bother my hands a bit since they were somewhat sore in the backs of my hands in those million little joints, but it felt fine. I worked through my three sets of five pretty quickly and easily.

Next up, I did three sets of five strict presses at a moderately weighted 113 pounds. They didn’t feel that bad. Again with my hand being sore I thought it might be more difficult, but they weren’t at all. They actually felt fairly easy today.

After the presses, It was time for deadlifts! For these deadlifts, I had to do 265 pounds. They felt surprising good. I feel like, for whatever reason with the deadlifts, I’ve been having a more solid lockout lately. That’s one of those things I had always struggled with, but it seems good now.

I added hip thrusts with the box at 165 pounds today for high rep sets. They felt excellent for me today, and the pad now that I know how to use it really seems to help me be more comfortable with the higher reps. The pressure on my hip bones. Well, muscles were pretty much unbearable before. I think it helps me balance the bar a little, too. They felt good, besides the slight issue of me doing them with the one end of the barbell a tad too close to the laundry basket. That was distracting.

A little while after I ate lunch, I felt like doing today’s WOD. Well, let’s be truthful here. I didn’t feel like doing it, but I wanted to see how I would do at it. It was simply rowing and renegade rows and after my surprising results with the vault WOD recent I was really curious to see how I would do. I won’t say I killed the WOD, but I did decent at it.

The push-up part of the renegade rows with my hands on the dumbbells did feel a little less than ideal. I thought that might be an issue, so it wasn’t a big deal. I just did smaller sets than I normally would have otherwise. There were only 15 at a time, so I might have attempted to go unbroken if it weren’t for my hand being sore, but I’m happy with how I did. I can’t be disappointed that the 40 pound dumbbells felt fairly easy for me. Keep in mind, I struggled with these back when we did boot camp and then Crossfit.

After Molly got home and relaxed a bit after work, we did an old team WOD together. We each had two alternating rounds of air squats, push presses and box jumps. I chose the RX weight for the push presses but for the box jumps I did 20 inches and mostly step-ups because of having a lowish ceiling and more importantly not having failure space.

My failure mode for box jumps tends to be that I wind up over jumping and fall over the opposite side. The second way I tend to fail is purely visual. I find myself not lining up quite right with the box and maybe my foot being too close or slightly off the one edge of the box. I did do jumps the last two rounds, and it’s a great feeling to know that I am still able to do them.

Music for today Was Sleep.

Shortly after supper, we ended up driving to a nearby park to do our evening walk rather than around here. It was nice to not have to hear the traffic on main street for half of the walk. There’s a paved trail that connects the two parks, so we went on that then walked around Cove park. It’s more hilly than our typical evening walk, but that’s not a terrible thing.

We did hear lots of birds once we got away from the kids playing sports. There were lots of them in the woods over at Cove Park, which is always relaxing. We also spotted this bunny at the edge of the trail at the other park. It was seemingly fairly tame. It wasn’t that far from us and didn’t seem to mind us a lot. I always love it when nature can coexist with us.

Bunny At The Edge Of The Grass

In this picture there's a bunny at the edge of the grass.