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Killed Today's Strength Then Did A Mentally Tough WOD

Yesterday I didn’t end up doing a WOD at all. My calves were very crampy so I erred on the side of caution and rested and stretched them. I’m sure I was just dehydrated from the recent heat and humidity and additionally drinking copious amounts of alcohol Thursday night. I’d always rather take a rest day now than exasperate an unknown injury. I did do very heavy deadlifts for me in the heat on Thursday.

First order of business was back squats at 225 today. I took it slow and warmed up slower to test out my calves and make sure everything felt good and it felt great. The weight felt light and fast for sure. I noted that my feet are continuing to turn out less and less naturally and my stance is getting closer with the more upright torso. I got through the squats easily.

After that it was on to bench press. One of those lifts that has always given me fits. I was never comfortable trusting a spotter and don’t need one here since I can set the safety bars at a good height, it’s just taking time to remember I can fail safely alone without having to rely on someone else now. The worst part for me is repacking the bar for anything above moderate weight. I just can’t see the j-cups. I was to do 175 pounds. About 15 short of my current body weight, Hell yeah! The warm up sets felt good and the working sets felt even better. I got through them easily.

With I skipped the good mornings. I was planning on doing at least one WOD with step ups later or perhaps jump rope if not both so didn’t want to abuse them too much. They feel fine today but just want to cautiously approach things today. The pull ups went well for me. Mostly strict chest to bar. I think I got 8, 6 and 8. I never go to failure with the pull ups since when I do it takes me forever to recover.

A few hours later after eating lunch and stuff I chose to do the WOD from earlier in the week I thought would be most difficult for me. After doing it today I realize for sure that I made the best choice by skipping it on the super hot and humid day.

12 sand bag step up and overs then 12 push up and drags then 12 more step overs then 12 supine to touches. None of these movements are ones I can do fast. Well maybe the toe touches I can knock out pretty easily.

The step up and overs are essentially a nightmare movement for me and weight just exasperates that greatly. With only one eye that’s reasonably useful depth perception is basically non existent. Obviously being this way for decades I’ve learned to cope with it well enough but stepping onto an object that I can’t really see then off the other side is mentally daring to say the least. I mostly feel with my foot to see how close to the box I am then sort of shuffle across the top til I find the other edge and step down. I don’t normally do these weighted but today I wanted to try to push myself. I managed to get through the whole thing with my 50 pound sandbag with no issues.

About the 3rd round out of five I realized that yet a gain the inner filler bag had come open. I could feel the loose gravel in the outer shell. My rep fitness bag didn’t even make it through a whole WOD this time. Nothing I did should have been all that rough on it. I can’t wait to the new one gets here but with our perfect timing to decide on getting one so is everyone else with the gyms being closed. Same thing with dumbbells. We’ve been wanting to get a Rogue set but they’re sold out.

Either way I got through the WOD in 29 minutes or so. a few minutes over their goal time but it was one of those that I ignore the goal. Even unweighted step overs would be slow going for me with my unique circumstances. I got a good workout in and pushed out of my comfort zone so it was a success in my books. I ended up not attempting a second WOD since this one just left me mentally drained but in a good way.