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Back In The Swing Of Things With My Strength Now

I finally feel like I am ready to really push it again with my lifting after having had COVID a couple weeks ago. Granted I had a mild case it still left me feeling pretty shitty and run down. I started working out again about a week ago and have been feeling surprisingly decent with it but still feeling a bit run down.

Today, well really the past few days, that hasn’t been the case. I’ve been feeling good with my lifting and WODs and more willing to push it a bit. No I am not going to fully max out or anything dumb like that but feeling like I can be more aggressive.

First up for this day was my three sets. I did five considering it was light, of back squats at 205 pounds. These felt really good but it is still a light weight so they shouldn’t have been difficult at all. I did have one bad rep during the last set but I saved it. It started the slightest twinge in my knee which caused me to shift a bit forward on the way up. I recognized and paused and got into better position before finishing the rep. The last three of that set were a non issue. Bad reps will occasionally occur and thankfully it’s a very rare occurrence for me anymore. My knee is still a bit angry with me for my slipping a bit on my own sweat doing a long and challenging WOD yesterday.

Next up was bench press. This will never ever be my favorite lift (that would be squats!) but I am slowly enjoying it more and more. Today I was set to do a decently light 150 pounds for 3x5 and I did that with ease. I did the extra sets today given the light weight and turned the last set into an AMRAP to make it fun. I re racked it after the 10th rep while still having more in the tank. I just wanted to make a little more challenging and push a bit more out of my comfort zone.

Finally I had the three sets of 10 good mornings at 80 pounds. I’ve skipped these the past few sessions with my head being a little “off” from COVID. They’re not a lift I like to go and perform if I am not feeling fully focused. It’s the higher risk and lower benefit deal with these and that’s another reason why I keep them light and very rarely go up in weight. I just like to get the really nice hamstring stretch out of these and it’s the only reason I even bother with performing them at all.

Music choice today was back to the 90s with Cathedral.