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Still Feeling A Bit Weak And Tired But Crushed My Strength Today

I strongly considered attempting my strength yesterday but I was feeling pretty run down still. It was also the hottest day of the year with some humidity creeping into the mix. Not brutal but uncomfortable for sure. I hardly slept Friday night and didn’t sleep long enough Saturday night to feel “caught up.”

This morning I feel good. Maybe still a little tired and a bit run down but I certainly felt good enough to get back into the garage.

First up for today I had my front squats at three sets of five at a light 195 pounds. They felt good and a good lighter squat was a great way to start out today. I was going to lower the weight back down this session anyways but having failed last week certainly made it easier to justify it. I knew it would be the smart thing to do after my vaccine but it still made me feel like I was justifying it. I did take a little longer of a rest between sets but nothing major.

After the front squats I figured why not recover a few minutes and add in this week’s twenty rep back squats? It happens to be the same, light weight and I’m already warmed up for squats. The twenty reps felt and looked surprisingly great. This is when I noticed the shoulder where I got the shot is still a bit tender but nothing to stop me. I worked through them a tad bit slower than I needed to go with them so I could make sure they were consistently good squats with my angry shoulder. They were great looking squats with very mechanical movement and I successfully got through the twenty reps with no issues.

Next After the squats I had three by five of strict press. The press I thought would likely be a fail today giving my slight weakness and the fact that it’s a pretty heavy for me 127 pounds but there was none of the failure shit today. While they felt heavy they felt good at the same time and looked great. I completed these successfully with no issues at all which really surprised me today.

Next I had to do five sets of three power cleans. The cleans were a pretty heavy for me weight at 175 pounds. They felt slow like my timing was off but the video showed the opposite of that. They looked speedy and great. I guess it’s a heavy enough weight that they start slowing down a bit for me just being heavier but it doesn’t show that way. I was positive that these would be a fail today but much to my pleasant surprise I got through the five sets with no issues at all. If anything the later sets looked better than the earlier ones. I did find I was catching it a little too much on my heels today.

Finally because why not? I did my hip thrust with the box at 225 pounds. These were a struggle for my last fall when I did them but I’ve gotten the hang of them now. I’m not sure when or why they suddenly clicked but they did and I’ve been able to push the weight. I’m hoping this extra stuff translate into deadlifts and better muscular balance soon

Music for today was Illogicist

The bro session felt pretty good with my arm still feeling a little weaker from the shot. I wasn’t aggressive with the bench press or rows. I can’t deny that for the rows it was nothing more than laziness. I did not feel like grabbing a heavier dumbbell so I just used the 50 that I had out. I also used the 50s for strict press today. They felt surprisingly good compared to last time I tried it. I ended up making sets of 7, 6, and 8. I didn’t want to push too hard on the shoulder presses today with it being a new weight and all.

We listened to Acid Bath for the bro session.