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WOD Felt Good Today

I really don’t know what was going on Thursday. I woke up feeling great but just out of the blue Thursday morning when I went to walk with Brooke up to the bus stop my hamstring really tightened up. I could feel it pulling my back. I did give my strength a try on Thursday and the squats felt good until they didn’t so I abortedthat plan and rested things up.

Friday I rested up too. I was going to row lightly but time got away. We did see The grandkids and Sadie wanted me to play with here and crawl around so hamstring be damned I did. Maybe not as much as I normally would have but I did it and he laughed. Brooke woke up after not feeling well all day and she hopped on my back too. They laugh hysterically when I do push ups with them on me. They’re getting heavier and that’s getting harder with both of them now. :laughiing:

I woke up feeling even better today. There’s still some tightness but I feel like now moving would be the biggest help for me.

I decided to go for the vault WOD from Street Parking for next week. That way it would be done if I needed to rest longer. I wasn’t expecting to do well at all and intended on taking it easy to just get a score.

As it turned out the WOD went much, much better than I expected it would go. The inch worms in the earlier rounds felt a little rough with the ham string and to be fair I did sort of half ass them given my circumstances. They got and felt much better to me in the later rounds. They really wanted you to wall walks but I will consider them a stupid exercise to be done in a WOD for time and pass on them more often than not anyways. Pike ups on the box just don’t click for me. Ever since my foot slipped off the box I don’t trust them.

What really surprised me with feeling great was the sandbag complex. Lots of them with each rep being one deadlift, one power clean and one “squat” clean. I took it easy on them in the earlier rounds to make sure I continued to feel fine with them and not crash and burn for the final biggest set. As time went on I moved faster with these and by that last set I was aggressive with the reps. I still broke the set up more often and sooner than I normally would have but that was only to be cautious.

In the end it was a fun WOD and I finished it in under the goal time. More importantly I felt great that I was able to do a WOD.

I was going to hop on the rower later but wound up relaxing on the chair in the bright sunshine on the patio.

Music for the WOD was Dio.