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Not The Greatest Or Worst Day In The Garage

I started off the day right by waking up after 6. I guess I needed the sleep but it was like an oh shit moment. I knew Brooke was getting dropped off around 7 and usually like to have some time to drink my coffee and look at the news a bit in the morning. Oh well. We played connect four and that was fun before it was time to head off to the bus stop. It’s been fun playing that. It was one of my favorite games as a kid. Now I know it’s because I could easily see it but didn’t realize it back then.

The back squats were up first. During the warm up set with just the bar I noticed my knee was acting up a little bit. Not bad but it just felt a little bit off. The weight I was supposed to do today would have been on the heavier side at 240 pounds so I was smart and went back down to 195 pounds and did five sets of five. The lighter weight is a little easier to keep more control of my knee if it really flared up so I went with that. The working sets really did feel great at the fairly light weight but the important thing to me with them is the fact that my knee was just fine throughout. I know I could have easily done the 240 pounds but I have been trying really hard to keep in mind or even just accept that I’m in my mid 40s and need to listen to my body more.

Bench press was up next. These actually felt really good today at 150 pounds. My arm felt good too. Maybe a little tight but it felt great and I did five sets of five at that weight no real problems. I just focused on how I was feeling with them.

Finally I did my good mornings for today at 120 pounds again for three sets of ten. Today the good mornings definitely felt a little more challenging at this weight than they have been feeling but I think it was more that I didn’t trust my knee so was really focusing on staying balanced and not favoring the opposite side. In the end I made it through the three sets with no problems at all

Music today was Slayer. It was one of those days where I wanted to keep it to some nice old school thrash and have fun and enjoy myself and I did just that. Enter To The Realm Of Satan!