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My Lifts Felt Very Mentally Tough Today!

I knew today was bound to be a tough day for me with my lifts this morning. It’s getting warmer out and to me it’s been feeling hot as my body is still in winter mode. Last night I woke up around twelve-thirty or one AM and laid there awake for an hour or two. It was too hot be be under the covers and not quite warm enough to not be under them. it was also one of those nights where the thoughts would not stop racing through my head. Not anything good or bad but just enough to keep me awake.

Finally After finishing my coffee and stuff I decided I may as well just get going with my lifts. I mentally prepared myself for the worst but had full intentions of giving it my all and trying to succeed at all of my lifts. It started out with the relatively heavy for me front squats at 215 pounds. even the warm up sets at 95 and 145 felt pretty rough for me today but I pushed ahead. The working sets were brutal. Just mentally exhausting would be the best way to describe them. Very much to my surprise though the videos of them showed that I was moving really well with excellent form. There’s still no sign of my upper back wanting to round with the front squats like I fought with for years and I’m still maintaining a nearly vertical torso angle that I have only recently learned. The three sets of five for my working set at the 215 pounds were tiring today and I allowed myself plenty of rest between sets.

Next up were the strict shoulder presses. These were at another pretty heavy for me three sets of five at 120 pounds. Much like the previous front squats these presses were very mentally draining for me today. I completed the three sets but that’s not saying that I needed more rest than I typically do with these.

Finally in the same fashion as the other two lifts for today my power cleans were rough. The weight was 165 pounds which isn’t that heavy for me but it was exhausting today. My timing felt off but my videos actually showed otherwise.

Music was Lykathea Aflame

I managed to find some time to play XBOX too. It was sort of rainy outside although nice temperature wise so I didn’t feel the need to enjoy the springtime weather outside. I do enjoy the XBOX a lot and have really been enjoying working my way through Watch Dogs Legion at my own pace. Center aspect of the game make it more visually challenge for me but I have really been enjoying the game play and story of it. I’d imagine I’ll be beating it this month if I play it enough but working out and enjoying the outside is taking a priority over that now.

Later on when Molly got home we did today’s WOD outside. I mean it got sunny and warm so we gotta enjoy the outside right? Running, blah, and one armed push presses then lunges with the dumbbell overhead. Surprisingly not once did a car interfere with my running. Normally as soon as I step foot in the alley people decide they need to drive through there while others are parked blocking half the alley.

As a side note my knee sleeves really made running feel less than ideal today but then again it’s the first time I’ve worn them running and really don’t even use them that often. I only wore them today to reduce the chance of smashing up my knees with the lunges. I really focus on not slamming my knees down like the typical Crossfitter does but sometimes the body awareness isn’t quite there and it happens from miscalculating how close to the floor I am. That could have really been unpleasant doing that on the slightly uneven concrete pavers.

The lunge movements really felt surprisingly great today. I thought they might after the running and the complication of the dumbbell being overhead on one side only. For the most part I did that complex unbroken. Even using just the 25 pound dumbbell this was a shoulder burner for sure. The fact that I did all those dumbbell snatches yesterday wasn’t all that helpful in the situation but at the same time it felt good. It’s so nice to be able to do some of our workouts outside again and collect some fresh air. For the time being, at least until the leaves grow on our tree we’ll be getting some vitamin D in addition to the fresh air but that won’t last long now that the seeds are growing.

We ate supper after the WOD then digested for just a few minutes before doing our bro session. I went quite a bit lighter today with all of those bro lifts since I wasn’t really feeling it after the other stuff I’d done. This is lowest on my priority list and I consider it just a little extra work. Regardless it’s movement and it’s great to do it and enjoy it with my girlfriend.

Music for the bro shit was Alice In Chains.