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Today's Lifting Didn't Go As Well As I Would Have Liked But The WOD Went Much Better Than I Expected

To set up the way today went with the lifting I got woken up once again last night just as I fell asleep so I laid there awake another hour or two. To top things off I woke up at 3:30 AM thinking it was 5:30 so I got up and have been awake since. I didn’t have nearly enough sleep last night and our weekly date night which included a couple of Joy’s slushies didn’t help me rest that much either. Alcohol does that to me now that I don’t have the tolerance for it I once had.

To start things off with the worst part of this day I had to do very heavy for me sets of squats at 265 pounds. That was my my one rep max when we still went in there so that’ll help show that it’s a heavy weight for me. Granted even the warm up sets at 135 and 185 felt heavy today. My knee was achy again from fucking up a sandbag hop overs Wednesday. I don’t know why I keep doing them since my foot insists on catching the far side of the sandbag once in a while twisting my knee when it does so.

I did manage to make it through the first four of the heavy set of squats today before my brain shut it down. That felt absolutely crushing, a far cry from how it felt great two days ago while only being 5 pounds heavier today than it was on Wednesday. I really thought I would get through this and the 170 pounds two days from now but today it just wasn’t happening. I am considering, like I am with the power cleans just reattempting this same weight next session and see how it goes.

The presses were at least a moderately light 110 pounds and they felt pretty good today. I thought that they might be harsher given I did the suns out guns out workout yesterday which had heavy sets of 10+ max rep strict presses. I started that out and failed at 135, I knew I was probably being overly aggressive with that but I felt I had to try it and push out of my comfort zone. I’d made five at that then went 11 at 125, 105, 85, 65 and then 45. My shoulders were wrecked from that. I recovered enough today to get through the presses easily so I was happy about that.

Finally I had deadlifts at 275 pounds. This weight is pretty heavy for me but I got through them no problem. I really focused on loading my hamstrings on these and maybe starting a little higher. They felt great!

The music choice for this was streaming Alkaloid. I really enjoyed their music and will be picking up the CD soon.

Lunges and more lunges

We had other stuff that we needed to get done today like pick some things up at the store and things like that. I felt like a zombie all day from being so tired but managed to fight through it.

Eventually we got home and I decided I was going to do today’s WOD. It looked like a real challenging one for me with lots of lunges, a movement I struggled with for years but oddly enough they’ve finally clicked for me.

The WOD involved 40 overhead lunges with the sand bag then 40 front rack lunges and finally 40 back rack lunges, before each set of lunges was 30 sandbag ground to overhead.

The overhead lunges using the sandbag were something I’ve never done before. I did overhead lunges with the barbell a few times and they were actually the most balanced lunges I had the first time I did them back for the one Crossfit open WOD a few years back. Given the fact that the sandbag has so much give in it and isn’t necessarily balanced I though the overhead lunges it would be pretty challenging. As it turns out they actually were not really all that bad. I took them slower than I needed to since they were early in the WOD and didn’t want to burn out too soon but I got through them with no misses, stumbles or trips.

The ground to overheads were also a non issue since I am comfortable with that movement. I took these slower than I needed to given the WOD looked like it would be pretty long and tough.

Front rack lunges were the only part of the WOD I had any real issues and it wasn’t really a big deal. Through these I was stepping slightly forward so I was finding myself needing to take a few steps back every once in a while to not get too close to anything I didn’t want to accidentally drop the sandbag on or trip over. In doing so I managed to step backwards into and stumble over the edge of the other sandbag. Oops, that threw me off a bit and slowed me a bit.

Finally after getting through the last set of ground to overhead it was back rack lunges with the sandbag. Did I mention by this point in the WOD my legs were on fire. They went a bit slower than I had I originally had hoped they would but I got through them in less than or about two minutes if I would have to give a guesstimate of the time it took. They weren’t bad or anything but the fact that my legs were shot from the WOD and heavy squats and deadlifts earlier in the day made them challenging.

All in all I finished this WOD just a few seconds over the time goal and If I hadn’t tripped up I think I make it under the time goal. I am really happy with my result of this WOD given the fact that it was a more challenging lunge than normal. Lunges were a long struggle for me, lasting for years, either weighted or unweighted.