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I Get To Live Another Week On My Twenty Rep Back Squats

It’s a new week so it’s time for the twenty rep back squats. I’m doing it Sunday this week because with these being so heavy now I don’t want to mix it with another squat day.

Today I was set to do 230 pounds for the twenty rep back squats. I knew it would be a challenging weight but I wasn’t quite prepared for how it went. The warm up sets actually felt pretty good. I was happy with how they felt easy given I didn’t really know what to expect after the past few days’ WODS.

The working set started off feeling pretty good but I really wasn’t expecting that to last. Much to my surprise the reps felt better as I worked my way through them. Cardio wise it fucking sucked but weight wise it felt like there is absolutely more in the tank. It was a far cry from how last week felt. I can’t deny the rubbery leg feeling later into the set but that goes with lifting heavy (for me) weight anyways. In the end they felt fairly easy considering weight wise I am at the point where I am setting up each rep as if it were a heavy single.

My music for the squats was some brutal death metal stream.