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Excellent Day In The Home Gym!

I had a really great day today lifting in the garage. I didn’t think I would since I woke up at 3:00 am from a dream that just pissed me off. I’m still pissed off about it even though it’s not real. The other thing is I’m feeling pretty run down from the WODs the past couple of days.

Fairly early this morning I did my normal strength for the day. I was tired but everything felt pretty decent. I also had a stomach thing early this morning which thankfully passed pretty quickly.

The first thing I did was my normal three sets of five front squats at 190 pound for today. Certainly not a heavy weight but they felt heavier today but then again my legs just feel like lead weights today. They weren’t difficult or anything like that but not as easy as they should have felt for a light weight.

Next up was the three sets of five strict presses. For today I had to do them at 112 pounds and they actually felt pretty good to me. It wasn’t heavy but felt maybe a little more challenging then the weight should have but it’s one of those days.

Next up were the deadlifts. Deadlift day! For these I did the extra reps for five sets of three deadlifts and a fairly light 245 pounds. Oddly enough these felt easier than they should have at this weight. They were very explosive lifts. I have gotten enough of a feel for the weightlifting belt now that I have not been using it at all with these lighter weights and today was no different in that regard. I just really felt that I was moving really well with the deadlifts today.

Later in the day, mid afternoon or so, I decided to give my twenty rep back squats for the week a try. I expected to fail today. No I expected to fail a couple of weeks ago. I was hopeful that I could make it to 225 pounds. Today I was to do 235 pounds and it dawned upon me that it’s some 50 pounds over my body weight and I am in my mid 40s now. The weight and these facts made it somewhat intimidating. It was intimidating enough that I told Molly to stop me if my form begins to crack. Fortunately or unfortunately depending when you ask me my form didn’t crack and I made the twenty reps. My hear rate got into the 170s. My legs wanted to give out but I made it through them all along with a very explosive last rep. I think adrenaline was a factor in that!

After recovering a few minutes we did our bro shit. Curls and bench press and stuff with the dumbbells. I went a little lighter than I had been going given what I just did with the twenty rep back squats and that I’m tired. My shoulders are also toast from the snatches the past couple of days. The bro shit is just something extra we do and have been really enjoying our time together doing it.

The music choice for today was Manowar