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First Time Doing Box Jump overs

I’m legally blind with one eye that sees anything more than light or dark. This really makes my depth perception pretty useless. I used to think I need to just try harder or something but eventually realized that it’s one of those things I cannot change. I just need to figure out ways to work through it.

In at the old gym I did box jumps 90% of the time or so. I only stepped up if I felt my legs were getting tired, you know the whole risk versus benefit thing. I actually only missed a box jump a handful of times. Once was when I was too far to the side and one foot went off the left edge of the box. Another was when I was practicing 30 inch box jumps after a WOD just for the hell of it. The other two times I went over or nearly over and my heel clipped the far side of the box. Ever since then I’ve known that I was more than capable of doing them but had the mental block of not being able to see and judge the distance.

Street parking programs jump overs often enough it seems so I decided to give them a try. We don’t have a box but we do have a bench so I set up my phone to record a couple of attempts. The video shows that I was clearing the bench by at least a foot. I did them in the WOD with no issues. It just happened that we went into a boot camp that evening and he had box step up and over or jump overs as one of the station so I jumped or stepped over a normal box depending on fatigue levels with zero issues.

A side note, I do not like the padded boxes. They just feel entirely too unstable to me.