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Some Days Lifts Just Don't Feel Right

Today was another cool dreary day and my ass has been dragging since I woke up. It happens sometimes. I thought I slept well and my Garmin seems to think I did too but I just have been feeling exhausted all day. We’ll blame it on the weather. I have the stuffy head thing going on from the clouds of pollen out there right now and that is not improving anything with how I’m feeling.

Finally I gathered up the gumption to just get my ass in gear and go do my lifts for the day. It started out with updating my Fiio’s firmware while doing warm up sets for the squats and that didn’t go according to plan. In the past it’s been just a couple of minute process but this time, of course, it needed to re scan the music files which takes some time with having so many on there. Given that I went through most of my squats with no music. Don’t get me wrong, I occasionally like to do that and just have pure focus but today wasn’t one of those days.

The squats felt off from the start. They looked okay in the video but it just felt like I was collapsing a bit. My knee is tired from all those burpees yesterday and my ankle is a little angry from bumping the bone on the open dishwasher door the other day. I got through the first set at 240 and if I were to go by the video they looked as close to text book as I am going to get.

I think one of my problems recently is that I am just not eating enough. I’ve been waking up with a raging appetite a lot of days but when it comes to supper time I haven’t been all that hungry. All I ate for supper yesterday was shrimp.

It is what it is though. I’ll get there in the long run if keep at it and have patience. I do know that but I am an not a person that likes to wait around. When I want something I want it now!