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Still Doing My Strength And It Went Well Today

Today started out great. Last night I slept really, really well for the first time in a while. I woke up truly feeling refreshed. I’d been feeling run down for a little while and not sleeping so great with random things waking me up but last night nothing bothered me. Hell I was able to fall back to sleep for an hour after taking my thyroid pill. Recently when I did that I’d just end up laying in bed awake.

I woke up just in time that we could go for a nice walk before Molly went to work. It was a chilly morning with the temperature near freezing but there was no wind at all. The skies were clear and the moon was out and some stars visible with the light pollution. We ended up getting a nice 1½ miles in and felt ready to start the day and my coffee when we got back in the house.

Later on in the morning after the coffee thing was done and I ate a couple of oranges I got changed to head out to the garage to do my strength today. Yes, I’ve still been doing it just not feeling the need to post about every session or have been too busy playing with my weather station or learning about it.

I started off the session with my back squats, I decided to switch back to the back squats after my last fail and the extremely heavy front squats. The squats are still light for me at the 215 pounds that I squatted today. They felt and looked great so I added in two more sets to get some more work in. I have to say that switching up the squats both to the front squats last spring and to the back squats now has been a refreshing change to mix things up a bit.

Next up I had the bench press. These were light at 145 pounds but they felt good other than the fact that I kept bumping the one j cup with the plates. I couldn’t see it but I guess I just either had the bench off center or maybe on a slight angle. I guess if there’s a day when that’s gonna happen it’s good that it occurred when I was doing light weight and could get away with it. Other than that the bench felt good today but the weight is light.

Next I had my good mornings. I did my three sets of ten of these at 115 pounds and easily got through them. They felt good. Maybe I should consider going with 120 pounds from now on. I mean I’ve known I could for quite a while but am just so hesitant to increase my weight with these.

I ate some tuna fish for lunch and digested a few minutes. Once I felt that my stomach would be okay I went ahead and did today’s WOD

The WOD was a fun one for me at least. ten minutes with a buy in of a bunch of front squats and presses with 75 pounds. After that it was wall balls or in my case empty barbell thrusters since we don’t have a usable wall for wall ball shots. Neither the vinyl siding on the garage or worse, the asbestos siding on the house would be a good thing to be hitting with a twenty pound ball. I ended up with one more rep than I did last time without really trying that hard. I’ll take it.

Music for my strength and the WOD was Kreator